How To Check and Replace a Door Latch MK5 GTI

How To Check and Replace a Door Latch MK5 GTI

How To Check and Replace a Door latch is a very common vw repair. This can be due to a sticking door, stuck door, a door that will not open, or a door that will not lock or unlock. There are also some checks you should do before replacing the door latch. Thanks to FCPEuro for partnering on this video. DIY STARTS AT ~ 2:00

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Simon Mcloughlin says:

Thank you so much, very clear, great quality I followed this to replace my sons door lock

The kustom Knight says:

Why don't you check the central locking via the remote .

Evan Wellens says:

Ack everything started smoothly got the lock out easy, but the handle will not come out. Any advice before I put humpty back together again.

Andrew Spark says:

Brilliant….. Helped me big time.

Michael Ovenstone says:

Great video, super helpful

g u says:

Thank you, very helpful. Thanks for all the great pointers, like the 12 turns which did the trick for me.

AJ Techno Freak says:

YOU ARE A LEGEND.. My car is VW Jetta 2010 118 tsi 4dr 1.4 turbo. and the rear passenger seat left and driver seat right doesn't lock with key. However the driver seat locks with key but not the passenger seat. What is the actual issue here? Mechanic is saying it is going to cost 1300 AUD to fix this but I want to do on my own. And also should i open door from inside or outside? And i don't know what is the part number. I am from Sydney would highly appreciate if you could help. THANKS TONNES!!!!

William Mobbs says:

Thank you for your excellent video. I now feel confident to undertake this task on my own. Your advice and tips are invaluable.

JokerLAD says:

Havnt been able to lock my driver side door for a month but after 1 second hand actuator an this godly video my cars back to being locked. Your doing the lords work thank you

PJD Off Road Fab says:

I had to swap my door skin on my mk6 JSW recently. I did not use your video and now my door handle sometimes pulls the key hole cover off when I open the door. I’m going to go back in with the instructions from your video to make sure I follow all of the steps for latch and handle installation. Thanks for the video.

vproduction says:

4:08 I have trouble just the handle won't come off

Jon Scarboro says:

Never knew the door skin came off these doors. This is the best explanation of this job, period! Huge shout out to The Humble Mechanic. Great job sir!

jason unrine says:

This is my second replacement of one of these on my 2007 Jetta. VW is death by 1000 cuts. The quality control on these vehicles is terrible.

Lauri T says:

Thank you for the excellent video. You explain carefully each step in a easy way.

Maybe with this video i might be able to replace the door latches by myself. 🙂

M C says:

like for the video!! Why is it the everyone posting video on how to replace the door lock is working from the inside out (e.g. removing the plastic trim, electricals, another internal panel to reach to door lock, etc)? when obisvously this looks so much easier…

Luis García-Pimentel Ruiz says:

The driver's side lock in my 2009 Jetta has always been a few mm out since I bought the car, the latch works OK but it looks ugly. What do you think I can do to fix it? Maybe I'm thinking some turned the T20 more than 12 times and something fell off?

Matt says:

So, I ran the locking collar bolt out too far, the collar has how fallen off, and as a result I can't get the outer handle off. RESCUE ME SOMEBODYYY!!!!! HEEELP!!!!

Col Bremner says:

Outstanding brilliant video. What a pro you are.

Android 1974 says:

Awesome. Best video by far on YouTube of VW Golf MK5 lock mechanism replacement. Thank you for taking the time to produce this and for sharing.

Al Hudson says:

You might add a caution to check latch operation after assembly around time 15:05 after activating the lock function. I assembled with extra tension on the latch cable pulling it tighter and operation was fine…except after the vw operated lock function when driving, the door remained locked. Apparently if the cable is too tight, the latch won't reset. I fixed the problem by prying latch cable out with a small screwdriver and allowing it to loosen. Then I could unlock the door and restore operation. I was really panicked for a while when I couldn't open the door because it remained locked no matter how many times I depressed unlock!

Cristi Stefan says:

what torx keys did you use to open the door

Ben Clay says:

Incredible video. Thank you very very much. I did the on my rabbit, but now the latch gets hung up if I yank the handle open too far…. it’s definitely originating from the latch/actuator. Do you know what this might be?

Will Inveen says:

Great video. This saved me LOTS of money.

Adrian Balentine says:

Hey I just tried Again and I did 14 turns and still not coming out. And ideas really dont want nothing to fall apart in door if I go to may turns.

Adrian Balentine says:

hey man i have a question i have a 2006 jetta TDI and i have tried several times to remove the passenger door latch and when i turn the t-20 the 12 times .and did it several times (5) and cant the the part out of door . any suggestion?

Sami says:

Great tutorial! Might come in handy at some point

I have a problem with my Mk5 where the Driver side rear doors lock cylinder is constantly loose and comes right off. The screw is tight as it could be, but the cylinder just doesn't lock in place. Could it be that the "collar" piece inside is broken and doesn't hold cylinder? Would be nice to see how it actually works, but I don't want to take the whole door apart.

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