Toyota Cooling System Bleeding for V6 2GR-FE 3.5L THE RIGHT WAY!

Toyota Cooling System Bleeding for V6 2GR-FE 3.5L THE RIGHT WAY!

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician shows you a small trick that’s not in the books to properly bleed the cooling system on Toyota and Lexus 3.5L 2GR-FE V6 Engine.

In this video I share with you a trick that you won’t find in the books on how to easily, quickly and effectively bleed the cooling system in your 3.5L V6 2GR-FE and 2GR-FXE engines.

Wether you’re replacing the coolant for maintenance, replaced the thermostat, replaced the water pump or did any job requiring the coolant to be drained. This procedure will apply and make your life easier.

It’s very common for this engine to overheat or cause a no heat at idle concern when not properly bled. You’ll also hear noises behind the dash like gurgling noises from the heater core if this system is not bleed right. Another common concern from not bleeding this engine right is on models with rear heat, Simply put the rear heat will not work.

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On the hybrid models you will need to put the car in maintenance mode so the engine would run all the time, Find information on maintenance mode in this video:

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Coolant Drain and general info
2:29 Filling and Bleeding



Ekilini Nile says:

Hi AMD! Just wondering if you can give an advice. I've got a Toyota Prius and I noticed the dust cover on the front shock absorber is cracked. It's called "Insulator" in the toyota catalog. I've heard that it gets cracked when the bumbers are worn too. Does it make sense to replace both? The dealer is saying nobody replaces them. How many standard hours does it normally take to replace it?

QAnon On a Bong says:

This is fear porn. Drain coolant. Start engine with dry radiator. Slowly add coolant until full. Get on with life.

Randy Duncan says:

Thank you for the fine instructional videos. Does the 2GR-FE in my '16 Camry have block drain valves like my old Corolla's 1ZZ-FE? I always try to get as much of the old coolant out as possible.

Alex B says:

Ahmed. Another good one. You are the Bill Nye of Auto mechanics. Very easy to follow. I learn every video. Hope you will do a video on how to do a coolant drain on the dynamic force 4 cylinder engine in the future. Loved the blooper reel at the end.

UnitedSoundVideo says:

Excellent video and thank you. I purchased all items needed from your links on Amazon. After the initial drain of radiator is a flush with water before the refill of fresh fluid necessary? What I’m asking is can we fill with water run vehicle and then drain again for new fluid is added? Thx for your time and talent.

1Grizzman says:

Lol I caught you fast forwarding that bleeder screw part at the end!! Thanks so Much, I'll be doing this to my 2015 Sienna since it's due for a coolant drain and refill.

Tony Montana says:

Where's the video

Anderson Rodriguez says:

Where’s is the bleeder on the 2018 Camry 4 cylinder ?

Mick Collins says:

Hi, love your videos, no bull , just full on good information helping us maintain our fantastic Toyotas. Thankyou. Cheers Meggsy.

Chi Luu says:

Hi, is this the same procedure for the 2GR-FSE?

Scott Brooks says:

Thank you so much for this video and the one you recently did on spark plugs. My wife’s Highlander has 105,000 miles and I have to do these 2 services and these videos will help immensely

alb12345672 says:

Will this work for the 2GR-FSE RWD /AWD Lexus engines?

David H says:

Is it necessary to drain the engine block as well prior to refilling the coolant?

Jensen William says:

Thank you!!

Gabriel Merza says:

Hello man my 2006 Avalon get code with random/multiple misfire p0300 with c1201 , 90% happened morning when driving to work some times after the whole car shake with flashing check engine light and vsc light I turn the vehicle off and turn it on the car drive normal, yesterday happened with sold check engine light with p0300 and c1201 what cause if this code please help me with your Experience

Sylvan dB says:

Oh, I saw that! I also am looking for the link re. spill free funnel.

Dave Jr says:

Thank you AMD!

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