Toyota Camry How to Install Fog Lights

Toyota Camry How to Install Fog Lights is the leading Toyota Camry resource for technical, DIY guides. Replacing your headlights and fog lights is a fairly simple task, even for a novice car owner. If you’re planning to replace both at one time, consider replacing your headlights first and then replacing your fog lights. For a complete guide on installing fog lights in your Toyota Camry, please visit
Are you worried about not being able to drive your Camry in the mist and fog because of decreased visibility? Worry no more because Toyota has actually already considered this and has made it possible to install fog lights on your vehicle. You’ll need to find a kit online that’s designed to fit your model Camry. Not all kits are equal, so be sure to double check before purchasing.

Installing the fog lights on the Camry can take anywhere from one to two hours to do. It’s a moderately difficult task due to some of the challenging wiring work.

The tools you’ll need are: a compatible set of fog lights, plastic cover for fog lights, wiring harness, wiretap terminals, fog light switch and wires, zip ties, 4 pin 15 amp relay, flathead screwdriver, ratchet and socket set.

Step 1 – Remove Fog Light Covers

Remove the trim underneath the bumper. It’s held up by five bolts and three plastic clips. Peel back the front of the trim to access the back of the bumper. You’ll find that there’s a black cover where the fog lights need to go. Push out the cover from inside the bumper and it should pop out. Do the same for the other cover.

Step 2 – Install the Fog Lights

There should be four fittings around the back of the bumper. Set your new fog light with those fittings and then screw it to the bumper. Tighten it down until the fog light is securely attached to the bumper. Pop on the plastic fog light cover that came with your kit. Then repeat for the other side.

Step 3 – Connect the Wiring Harness

Plug your wiring harness to the back of the fog lights. Take the ground cable with the ring terminal and find a place where you can bolt it to the chassis. There should be a grounding point available underneath the battery tray. Now route your wiring harnesses through the engine compartment towards the firewall on the driver’s side.

Step 4 – Remove Lower Dash Panel

The panels should only be held up by one or two screws. Go around the edges of the panels and pry them loose. Once the two panels are removed, pull your wiring harnesses through the firewall.

Step 5 – Install the Switch

Connect the appropriate wires in your wiring harness to the pins in your 15-amp relay and plug the relay into the driver’s side fuse box. Then connect the wiring harness to your fog light switch. There is a piece of the lower dash panel that you can remove and install the switch to.
Return the lower dash panel and the kick panel. Then return the lower trim at the front of the car. Start the car and push the switch. If the fog lights don’t turn on, it’s probably a wiring problem.
If you are having any trouble with the wiring, drive over to an aftermarket stereo shop. They’ll help you out and the charge will be far cheaper than a dealership.



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