How to: Replace a Antenna from a 2012 Toyota Tacoma

How to: Replace a Antenna from a 2012 Toyota Tacoma

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Kenny Poe says:

How did you get the flares off with out breaking any plastic tabs? I have the new antenna, bezel, and retainer nut on order. I also bought some new inner fender plastic rivets(4).

Fluffy O'Bannon says:

Great video! I just ordered an OEM replacement for mine. I always laugh at the stupid trolls who thumb down great videos like this, pathetic toads.

Rey Martinez says:

Thank you for the video , this is my project this weekend.

smmalafa1 says:

I can’t even get my retainer ring off. I’ve basically ruined it and broke all the metal off trying to vice grip twist it off. Can’t find any info on how fix this.

Christopher Smith says:

Thank you! What a pain in the behind! I will never make the mistake of leaving my antenna on in an automatic car wash again.

TennesseeWoodsmen says:

Thanks for the video!

Adam F. C. Fletcher says:

Dude, you didn’t show how you took the antennae mount out, or how the wiring runs.

l84Cabo says:

Ok…how in the ever loving fuck do you get those grommets out that are holding the liner in place? Do you just shove a screwdriver in the center and try to pry it out? Or do you have to pry a screwdriver under the lip of the grommet and pop it out? And is there any risk of damaging whatever the grommets go into? For fuck's sake we can put a man on the moon but we can't come up with a simple way to attach a fender liner so it's easily removable?

ChopperOutdoors says:

Thank for the vid. What a complete pain in the ass

Jason GO VOLS says:

Damn I've got to do the same thing on my 2011……… SHIT!

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