How To Install Speakers In Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S – DIY

How To Install Speakers In  Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S – DIY


86/BRZ/FRS Adapter Kit :
SoundSkins Rings:

In this video we show you how to wire and mount new speakers in your Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S yourself using the new DIY Speaker Fitment kit from AutoChimp. Typically the wiring of this model vehicle is tricky for someone not in the trade and this adapter kit makes the installation completely plug and play.




is there any place i can download the files my friend to print my own thank you

Jay Furler says:

You guys still offer the adapter rings?

KR Studio says:

Bring this back guys?!?!

RTard48JRod says:

Link not working :(n

Derek Bunch says:

Where can I buy this? The link in the description doesn’t work

duviday says:

err are these products still for sale? neither the speaker adaptors or the tweeter looms are available on your website.

Martin Saheicha says:

Hi guys, can’t seem to find the products you are showing in the video , on your website?

Simon Lam says:

is the customer running a stock headunit?

Ryan Boorman says:

Really like your videos and your products. Just bought a Toyota GT86 here in the UK and looking to upgrade the awful original sound system. Shame you don't send to the UK as I would like to buy the Speaker Adapter & SoundSkins kit, Tweeter Mounting Kit, Stereo Harness and the Sound Deadening Kit. It would make installing everything myself so much easier 🙁

AHVipeR says:

can you install just a new woofer and keep the stock tweeters?

Kenzley Abrahams says:

hey. why dont you guys ship to south Africa? I would love these adaptors

GR1MR34PER33 says:

Is the tweeter wiring the same with the 8 speaker system with the factory amp in the back powering the door speakers?

Bazuzeus says:

mmmm : FOCAL <3

Sajin S Anand says:

Can you ship this to uk?

Peter Chung says:

nice product! what speakers do you recommend for the front only for 86? ie, focal? do you guys have shops in Melbourne?

Lukas_JRD says:

I just installed my door speakers and they are not working. I did it exactly like this and it won't make an noise and the factory speaker worked

Kuldip Singh says:

Good video but it only showed the easy part to install the door speaker, still not clear on the tweeter part, can you please explain the tweeter installation with a crossover in more details? How is the crossover installed and how to run the wires to the door speakers?

Giovanni Reyes says:

how can i buy this?

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