Suzuki SV650 LED Headlight Upgrade Install

Suzuki SV650 LED Headlight Upgrade Install

A step-by-step walkthrough for installing the MOTODEMIC LED Upgrade for Suzuki SV650 models. Pricing and information –

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Daniel Saavedra says:

Thats a beautiful kit will order one soon, its cool you give precise and clear video instructions for those like my with zero ingenuity to find out for myself lol

ARMO says:

Is it 7 inch wide?

Travis Wade says:

Bro you should start off from the beginning taking the old headlight off that would help people a lot more if you did the whole process instead of starting off in the middle of it what the hell

Bysade Bysade says:

Will this work on a 2003 model?

Yovanny González says:

I have the European version of the third gen sv 650 which comes from the factory with pass switch.

If I install this headlight am I going to still have a functional pass switch?


kj3283w says:

Would this upgrade be legal in Europe?

Fes Trimble says:

What is the direct link to find this for purchase?

Chen Howard says:

HI~ Can I bought this online send it to Taiwan??

redhytech says:

$459 for a HEADLIGHT,,,FUCK THAT. why don't you sell the adapter kit for the sv650?

Sam Warman says:

is there any where i can just get the adapter ring

Plonk_Rider says:

what about the parking light ??

Michel Favron says:

Nice upgrade, very easy to install. Thanks to this great video. Together with factory led flashers, this modification makes the whole motorcycle look premium. Can wait for summer!

Nick says:

Just bought my SV and already ordered one of the adaptive units from RevZilla!

A Ricers E46 says:

where can you get that adapter ring

liam Lobillo says:

Will this headlight fit my 2013 boulevard c50??

TGDB says:

639 Dollars!, I think I'll stick with the stock one for now.

Charles says:

Shout out to mod manufacturers: When you include clear videos like this, more people will feel comfortable buying your product. Well done, mate.

RJaCaStRo says:

Great look!! Any place in Europe to buy this kit?

Arzen A. says:

Olugand play sir no need for a led . Relay?

Luca Saugo says:

Can you upload a video that shows the adaptive function (while leaning)? I saw the pics one the website but i would like to see a "real word" test

B Ram says:

Cool headlamp but wayyy to expensive. I get that its good quality, but paying over 10% of the motorcycle's msrp for a head lamp is just not cost effective. Maybe for a ducati but not for a $7k suzuki

Shaded says:

For that price does this at least have Homologation?

sko says:

Is this the same Motorcycle Adapter Kit 400 that JW has listed on their website? or does it differ and if so do you sell the adapter ring by itself?

Ghandi says:

Are there alternatives if I don’t like the look of a single headlight housing? I’m searching online but nothing with any reviews or good ones at least.

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