Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5 timing chain install mark alignment

Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5 timing chain install mark alignment

This video will show all the alignment marks you need to match while you are installing your timing chains on the suzuki 2.5l engine.

you can pick up parts for this job here….



Hadi baba says:

I have a problem engine yesterday and the engine is not turn…
I never do the engine before

sarpaya The snake says:

I have problem with my grand vitara. When i installed the timing chain the two pistons in the area where it had two cams not working. It got a miss. Is it a timing fault ?

Tim Clausen says:

Great video Matt. I have a question. I have a 2002 2.7 v6 in my XL7 , would this be the same procedure as the 2.5 your working on .

Humberto Flores says:

Do I have to release the tensioners after or before aligning the sprockets in their timing marks?

roger ordaz says:

Hey Matt. Do you have any links to I can buy the time change for a Suzuky XL7 2005 and also the catalyzer converter ? Appreciated your help.

Scott Hartman says:

Thank you Matt! I followed your video and my 2004 xl7 fired right up on the first try! This is definitely a brutal job-the dissassembly is hardest, setting the timing was relatively easy. I'll never complain about working on my jeep 4.0litre straight 6 again! LOL

Antonio Mancini says:

I just want to say thank you for this great video you are very prompt and explaining right now I'm working on a 2002 Chevy Tracker it has a 2.5 Suzuki engine I've got the whole timing chain kit and tensioners and water pump I'm working on this vehicle right now job from hell I just want to say thank you for your video it really helps me a lot very helpful thumbs up thank you

KingHados says:

This video is extremely helpful thank you so much <3

Robyn Olshefski says:

Hey matt me and my husband have watched all ur videos..they were very detailing and sure where to begin. I have a 2000 suzuki grand vitara 2.5l few wks ago i was driving and my timing guides broke in very small pieces needless to say i bought timing chain kit and replaced all timing guides tensioners and all 3 chains..ok heres the problem after getting truck pieced back together it took 1 day for it to finally start when it did white smoke came out from engine and exaust, it did eventually stop smoking but main problem is the engine shaking puttering ticking kinda loud and low hissing kinda noise from behind engine and behind battery which im assuming is exaust not sure..i talked to my dad he says timing is still off..but my husband swears he did it right..i dont think so lol..anyway have one more questions for the valve cover and cylinders tubs for sparkplugs does it need o ring and gaskets..cause my husband says cylinder tubes are high so it doesnt need oring gasget and he also only put ultra grey gasget maker on valve cover but no actual that a problem? Please please help..ive been without my truck for 2 wks now

Alberto Castro says:

Hey matt, great video. Im having an issue my gasket kit came with 2 small cam seals, but i cant find them in the manual, also when i dissasembled they werent there ….. Pls i need your help with that!!!

Олег Магерамов says:

Ну всё понятно, осталось только на русский язык перевести 🙂

Appodo Movies says:

Thak you for helping me

Brent Bell says:

Very good video and explanations

Eddie K Jaizy says:

Am in Ugandan

Eddie K Jaizy says:

Thanksgiving this v6 its so helping me so so march

vixama alcime ketty says:

Matt I really appreciate your help in this project …

g c says:

do you have a video installing all this?

Ronald Johnson says:

I've done lots of timing chains before but never on a Vitara. The guy at NAPA says, "This is what happens when a company that makes motorcycle engines tries to make car engines." I love Vitaras though so wish me luck.

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