How to replace rear wheel bearings on a Suzuki LZT 400 PART 2. Putting it together

How to replace rear wheel bearings on a Suzuki LZT 400 PART 2. Putting it together

How to replace rear wheel bearings on a Suzuki LZT 400 Part 2. Putting it together

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We have a video that shows how to disassemble it.
Thank you for watching it!



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Chris Wilson says:

clearly the carrier is WTF out those bearings should be a press fit…

Sabrina Ross says:

How did you get the new bearing back on cause I'm having a hard time

Jason Dearman says:

Bearings shouldn't go in that easy and pop back out with the axle. You have a bigger problem there. And no grease…seriously?

Lars Bengtsson says:

Thanks for a instructional video. Altough i have some questions regarding the remounting and the installation of the new bearings and sealings. I work alot with machinery and precision bearings. Didnt these housing seemed to be a Little to weared out? Normally for a tight and good fitting you need to warm up the housing or freeze the bearings to fit tight. Also the Contact Surfaces between the outer bearing ring and the Surface in the casing, shouldnt it be of big importance to make it extremely Clean from particles, metal residues etc etc. An angular load on a 400 cc machine wide a wide axle like this should put some very Heavy extra wear if not cleaned properly. Maybe you did all of this just not shown in the video. But anyway, now i know the procedure when its time for my ltz to have a bearing replacement. Thanks for the video!
Drive safe.

Darnley.ltz400 says:

Your aspost to grease the spacer and bearings with heavy grease

John BassHead Work says:

Needs a new Carrier bearings went in too easy seals @ well. Good Job bruh!!!

Tomek Saks says:

Hi there.I just bought LTZ 400 aand wondering wat the problem i got in my atv.When the atv running straight i hear some noises from back axel.I got new chain and sprockets,so what else can be broken,and that sound clikin,wherte they come from?What symptoms did you have with broken bearing?

John Chisholm says:

well done, well explained….thx

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