Subaru Eyesight Dash Cam Clean Install DIY How To

Subaru Eyesight Dash Cam Clean Install DIY How To

Those wires make the dash camera automatically turn on and off. This installation should work for every Subaru that has Eyesight. I used a Viofo a119 v3 dash camera, but this should work with any camera. Let me know if you have any questions. (I’m not liable if you screw it up though)



Zhen Song says:

We’re you able to check the max current output of that 12V? I don’t feel comfortable of doing this kinda of modification without verifying the schematics,

Michael Shipton says:

It this always on power? In case you want parking mode.

Yuan-Jen Lee says:

Already ordered hardwire kit, so probably still gonna hardwire it, but hey this video is cool, and I would probably put my a119v3 in the same spot like you did

Carey Nussbaum says:

Instead of that usb could you use the hardwire Kit ? I have a 2020 ascent think it’s the same?

RX302 says:

Bro. What wheels and tires are those?

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