Subaru Catalytic Converter Replacement with Basic Hand Tools

Subaru Catalytic Converter Replacement with Basic Hand Tools

Catalytic converter replacement on a 2011 Subaru Outback with the 2.5l boxer engine. This Subaru had trouble code P0420. We tested the converter is a separate video (I’ll have a link for my Subaru Repair Playlist below) and after 174k miles this converter was toast. The front air fuel sensor and rear oxygen sensor was also replaced. It’s a good idea to replace these sensors as the old ones can be quite contaminated. Cheers.

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Tools Used:
Safety Glasses –
Breaker Bar –
1/2 Drive Ratchet and sockets –



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Robincpke Lionsing says:

Sir, Can you tell me where to buy the parts for this Catalytic converter? Mine is Subaru Impreza 1.5R AWD. Thanks

Jonathan Nunez says:

Was it bank 1 or bank 2 ?

Big Motor says:

I was wondering if the aftermarket converter you used would give problems. I thought the use of a Cali spec converter was smart.

KW says:

I've ordered the same for my Subaru Impreza 2010 on Amazon. It should be arriving 12.01.21. But DNA Motoring. Do you know something about this company?

Bradd Pitt says:

I will be doing this job soon. I am a little worried about removing head bolts/nuts. If my car had the head gasket replaced 10k miles ago, my mechanic would have most likely removed these bolts/nuts right? So they shouldn’t be too difficult to break free?

Jaden Hanson says:

Will this work on a 2014 outback?

Robert Mariano says:

Great video. Can you share what brand and where did you buy it?

Edward Dowllar says:

Thanks for making a great video. Everything was well lit, easy to see and I appreciate the tips. My replacement cat should be coming in today.

Brian Farnell says:

what brand of replacement part did you use for the cat? Nice video.

Sam Brinson says:

What range of vehicles follow this process? Asking as a 2008 Impreza owner..

Glenn Francis says:

Another great video as always! I have always JB welded my heat shields back together when they start to rattle. It works great. I was never aware that you could run without them.

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