Saturn Vue ignition cylinder removal, re-key and re-install.

Saturn Vue ignition cylinder removal, re-key and re-install.

This is my first ever attempt at something like this so the video is longer than most instructional videos (that and I ramble quite a bit haha). However, I was successful and all is good and like I said, a bit long but you can shuffle through. 2007 Saturn Vue



Hamzeh Abukhalaf says:

Ok, I replaced the whole housing from another vehicle from the junk yard with different key. The question is do I have to reprogram the keys or should just start right up?

Mason McDonough says:

Just a quick thank you for this video. We knew we had trouble brewing with the vehicle and "some day" it would not work. That was yesterday. Thanks to the video I had already bought the parts and it took about 1 1/2 hours to get it repaired. Thanks again. The tips you highlighted were a lifesaver.

Tuxedo Finish says:

Great! Worked on SC2-2001.
Thank You Kindly…

Ryan Rogers says:

Thank u for the video, you're actually kinda hard on yourself, i think u did a great job and no one needs to know the name of all them little again thank u your video definitely saved me a headache and probably a new windshield cuz if I hadn't seen your video i would have probably ended up putting my fist through my windshield. Lol

Railfan24 says:

I have a 2003 Saturn Vue, and a few days ago I noticed that I was having trouble starting it. What i mean by that is when I first would start it up, it was hesitant to start but eventually would start. The other day I had to go somewhere and when I went to start it, It would not start. All I was getting was a click. I thought it might be the battery and replaced the battery thinking that was the issue. Once the new battery was installed. I went to start it and still would't start. Could this be a sign that the ignition cylinder needs replacement?

Billy Ray says:

I don't have the key. Is there any saving it still?

Ratridez says:

Does not work if you cant turn the key

Rocky Easterline says:

If you are putting in a brand new lock and cylinder and new key why are you messing with the old one

neal eng. says:

Dude thanks very much to post this great video. It was very helpful and you saved my day. Thanks again for your sharing

luis silva says:

,thank you for your video , without it i would never have been able to re-code the cylinder,and your " long video " explains very well what should be done , it's just perfect very easy to understand

Horatio Bennett says:

How did you insert the cylinder? Mine will not go all the way down to start the car. Anyone???

tonnhard says:

What if i cant turn the key to acc?

Bogard MFG says:

First time I’ve ever re-keyed a lock cylinder and this helped TREMENDOUSLY! Tyvm

Keith Newberry says:

Thanks I just started having this issue with my 07 vue , it only has 55k miles.

fernando sanchez says:

Hello there my friend I have a question why did you have to replace the lock cylinder ? I have the same Saturn and I’m having problems with the passlock light keeps flashing and it won’t start I have to wait 10 minutes is this why you replaced it… please get back to me thanks in advance

wpserver backups says:

Great video guy… very informative… very clear and concise as to what you were doing.

Vlad says:

It is not 2007 Saturn you show.

Patrick Bink says:

Many thanks for taking the time to s in ow how this is done. I just successfully did the same thing to my 2005 Saturn Vue. Your video was just what I needed!

Antonio Gregory says:

Did you change your cylinder because of the anti theft/ padlock on your Saturn vue

xexxodusx says:

I just ordered a new lock cylinder (AC Delco) for my 06 Vue 2.2L, have to wiggle the key around just to get it to turn. GM Dealership wanted $50 just for the key code

Steve Lopez says:

I had the customer buy a vin cut key first. Key still sticking. Then followed the GM service bulletin on cleaning and lubrication of the assembly. Thank the GM gods that resolved the problem. Used this video to remove the lock cylinder. Thank you!!!

Peg P. says:

How do you remove the ignition switch cover without breaking it?

johnnykost says:

I went to do this repair last Saturday. I have been having issues with removing the key for a long time. It gets stuck just before the point where you turn it to the point where you pull it out. I always had to jiggle it to get it out. Well, I took out the old lock cylinder. I noticed in the video that that tab or clip that is on the base that pops out when the key is in position to pull out, it was getting stuck or not popping out freely. Even after the repair in the video it did not seen to pop out freely. So when I took out the lock cylinder I used a graphite lubricant on that tab/clip and move it back and forth with a small screw driver to work it in. I put back the old lock cylinder and that fixed the problem. The key comes out smooth now and I did not have to replace the cylinder.

Jetta Red says:

What if the existing keys are so badly worn that they don't turn the cylinder any more? Can you use a blank, uncut key and not insert the little pins?

Robert Gary says:

Use dry graphite lubricant.

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