Saturn trunk torsion spring replacement, Sep 14, 2018

Saturn trunk torsion spring replacement, Sep 14, 2018

Saturn or other similar GM car trunk torsion spring replacement!



Jaz Jazzman says:

Thanks for the video sir, worked like a charm! I’m embarrassed to say it took 1.5 hours because I struggled to get the first side in place. The 2nd part with screwdriver took me only 5 minutes.

My advice to others is to crawl into your trunk and have a second person raise or lower the trunk as needed.

marty brutlag says:

Well, 5 months later the left side spring broke. For those of ypu wanting tp knpw which is left and which one is right. The one with the foam insulation in the middle of the rod is the left spring. The rod without the insulation is the right.I ordered from amazon. You can order from other sites cheaper, but then they add on shipping and handelling which makes it more evpensive overall.

marty brutlag says:

Mine broke in the exact same spot.The left one was still intact, Right side is passenger side. Look how the other side is attached.This is a mirror image. Install right side first, It is key to have someone hold the trunk open halfway. You should have the top of the "A" shape inside thee clip At this point you should be able to let go of it and it will stay in place
When you look at the left side you will see that you will need to touque the rod into place, First insert the end of the rod into the second slot, Move the rod to the right so the end stays in the slot You will notice that the rod can slide towards front and back about 3/4 inch, i used a 1/2 inch open end wrench 8 inch to lift (Torque) the rod into place . Put the open end (U shape)near the end of the rod You have to lift up and push back at the same time on the rod to get it to snap into place.
The above makes perfect sense to me but will probably make no sense to anybody else. I hope it helps you

john digweed says:

Your fucking video tape is a shit don’t see nothing

정찬옥 says:

When replacing RH torsion spring like you, do I need to install it from the left side or right side?

Katabu says:

Earlier today, I used this video to replace the torsion bar on my 2006 Chevy Malibu. Although my car is not a Saturn, the trunk is the same (GM), and so this video was the most helpful for me. Now, my trunk is operational. Thank you Steve!

Dillon Baum says:

Horrible. Shaky, dark and unclear instructions. It's not even a full install video. I had to do both in my 2007 Saturn ion and I thought this would be helpful but sadly it wasn't. Given that the rods have two different ends, "left" doesn't help much. And you didn't show how you got the spring mounted, you didn't show how you got the hook end of the rod attached, you just said "this is how" without actually demonstrating anything.

Jo3 C says:

Took them out at the junk yard your video helped put them on mine as they were completely missing when I purchased the car. Thank you

Rob Med says:

Here's a good temporary fix to hold your trunk up until you replace the tensioner: Get a thick plastic coat hanger and place one end in the center slot underneath the front of the trunk lid while holding it open (closest to the back window), then lift the trunk all the way up and insert the other end of the hanger in the gutter behind the rubber seal near the back window, then slowly lower the trunk lid until the trunk bottoms out on the hanger. (I have a 2006 ION 2)

JOHN CHAPIN502 says:

Excelent thank you vos

Geoffrey Gibbons says:

With the help of this video I was able to install the same right trunk torsion bar in my 2007 Saturn Ion. I was able to get one at a pick-a-part, but several of the GM cars there had either broken or missing right trunk torsion bars! I guess it was a bad batch of steel or a bad press cos the load on the torsion bars should be symmetric, right? Thanks, Steve!

Lee Gulliver says:

Helped me figure out which is right and left. Thank you.

happylandings71 says:

Good video it help a lot. Thanks!

Mylan Sam says:

How do you get the first part in?

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