Saturn Ion coolant light on, easy fix

Saturn Ion coolant light on, easy fix

Things to look at to make the coolant light go out on a 2004 Saturn Ion



dat ain't mine says:

Would a "code scanner/reader" alert you of the blown fuse, I'm wondering?

Bill Breeding says:

Sweet & simple, thank you. This took care of my problem. God Bless America

Hugh McFarland says:

If the coolant light comes on but the temp guage is normal, is that a sign of a bad fuse?

Joel Rodriguez says:

Does anyone know what the message on a 2003 Saturn ion 2 service vehicle mean better yet what is it asking for. My car is in pretty good shape and well maintained but I can't find this one.

1C3 P1CK says:

Also clean the coolant sensor inside the reservoir with a pipe cleaner. It worked for me for about 8 months.

Big Lion says:

What could a bad fuse mean?

Jonithan Demello says:

Me too, I have almost 200,000 miles on it and it still loves going fast

Jeremy Lakenes says:

Any Saturn Ion coupe owners know where to find a seatbelt over the shoulder bracket?

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