Saab 96 Viggen: How To Fix With A Coolant Leak From The Engine Block | Wheeler Dealers

Saab 96 Viggen: How To Fix With A Coolant Leak From The Engine Block | Wheeler Dealers

Mike brings a Saab 96 Viggen into the workshop with a coolant leak from an unknown source. Thanks to Ants in-depth knowledge of Saab’s, he knows that the issue is likely to be loose head bolts, the result of an inefficient manufacturing process by Saab when the car was made.

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DISOP tv says:

Ugh, you do 30 for all then back around do the the second torque. You don't torque one and then torque it again…

isaac shively says:

Hey it's my car

My name is Borat says:

Rumour has it edd china was doing the camera work

My name is Borat says:

Arent all head bolts under the valve cover

My name is Borat says:

Mikes never let him down not like mike and edd then

OldSkool 55F100 says:

Ed's voice was much easier to hear and understand..

mattikaki says:

Why doesn’t Ant wear GLOVES even when changing oils or other liquids which are dangerous today. Real mechanic would use gloves always when dangers exist. Ant gives very bad example to the young car enthusiasts who want to follow him and may cause them bad allergies. Ant also uses too much of oil when it’s only needed a tiny drop. Every mechanic knows that. Too much oil just collects dust and causes mess. Yes, I know, Ant is an actor and showman, not mechanic, but please get somebody who tells him what to do and what not to do. And one hint: real mechanic doesn’t fumble his face when removing something and there is dust an dirt shown. Ant does it continually and that is very good sign of inexperience. Real mechanic is used to see dirt and grease and everything not so nice when removing car parts.

Ty says:

Or I can tell you right now you're using the wrong radiator fluid it's supposed to be orange dexcool

Mark Bennett says:

Why doesn’t somebody fix this and change 96 to 93. Started watching this because the 96 is a much more interesting car than the 93 although I did know they never named a 96 as a Viggen, in fact it was an aircraft and probably still is.

Ethan keenan says:

Wheres edd china gone ???

Ethan keenan says:

I love SAAB iv drove my mates 2005 saab 9-3 2.0t areo they drive amazing it's a shame saab went bust but I think there gonna go up in value soon

skrotkalle skrotkalle says:

Ugly color on the Sabb car. Pink?

skrotkalle skrotkalle says:

can anyone tell me why (Wheeler Dealer)
Opel Monza GSE 1984 ??

It is a fun to good car if you have the right version!

Alex P says:

You mean 9-3.

peter mitchell says:

Replacing only head bolts once the coolant has already leaked through the layers of the head gasket ? Not advisable but was a good quick fix all the same

David Harp says:

Saab 96???? What

western spud says:

i have a saab 9-3 i cannot get running , the ignition box got wet , i put a new one in tried to reboot it but i still have no joy , ugh , the car is nice enough too fix but how do i do it when nobody has a key code for the car?

Irish Countryman says:

This guy tries way too hard.

Carter Chiaramonte says:

I love my Saab 93

Ding Dong says:

More Saab videos please.

thefinalroman says:

Does the B204 have this head issue?

Tino Räsänen says:

Do you know in which country that particular Saab was made? if your answer is Swedish then you answered incorrectly. saab 9-3 OG convertible was manufactured only in Finland by valmet Automotive

SaabCars says:

Can you please change the title.. 🙂

Kanggoo says:

Saab 96? You mean 9-5 or 9-3

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