Saab 9-3 DIY Cold Air Intake

Saab 9-3 DIY Cold Air Intake

Today we go over how you can install a perfectly working intake by yourself for your Saab 9-3.



ben king says:

What head lamp bulbs are you using in that car? Led/ Xeon?

Patrick Lloyd says:

Theres a vice right there and he doesnt use it for a cleaner cut wtf lol

Claus Von Bülow II says:

Luv your saab ! I own two and luv them more then my wife !

Storm Saylor says:

What size rim is it??

will vicar says:

I broke the small 4 inch black tube that came off the original air filter, like it cracked and a couple pieces came off, I was wondering if there is any was to fix or replace this

loverandjoy says:

Saabs are quality cars.. One thing the Sweeds can is to make cars. Saabs where the first car maker to use turbos in everyday cars for the public to be able to buy.. The T3 and the T7 engines can and are easily tuned to 300 to 400 hp without doing anything to the breaks drive train etc etc as they always made good solid parts.
The metal is thicker on the whole body work compared to other car manufacturers, the breaks/ axle are all over engineered just for that purpose made to last.

Aleksei Ham says:

Will it work with 2005

Sean Bailey says:

How to make your saab slower and sound cool.

Viktor Dimitrovski says:

no engine light at all. but dont worry. its a saab.

Adam Korycki says:

Correction: the 2008 9-3 has no real secondary air injection, it only looks like it but the inside of the box is pluged. Blame GM…

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