Porsche 997 Coilover Install DIY

Porsche 997 Coilover Install DIY

BC Racing coilover install on a 2006 Porsche 997.1 911 Carrera.



Jay David says:

Great video! Did you have to raise to rear end at the same time in order to remove the sway bar end links easier?

Mark Rollo says:

Great video. I just ordered these for my 2006 997s!

Tri Doan says:

Awesome. Thanks for the vid man

cgunnerII says:

Nice car and great video. I'm am about to order these for my 981 Cayman. What do you think about the ride quality?

Charlie Hustle says:

You made that look so easy. Planning on lowering my 987.1 boxster s I wonder if the set up is similar. Btw, nice ride

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