PCA Spotlight: Installing the Porsche Classic Radio

PCA Spotlight: Installing the Porsche Classic Radio

The Porsche Classic Radio is a desirable upgrade for those who regularly drive their classic Porsches. Crucially, it was designed to look stock and hook up directly to the factory wiring harnesses, making it a tasteful and easily reversible modification.

We showed you the main features of the radio in a previous video, so this time around we visited a local mobile electronics shop and filmed the installation. The radio was gifted to PCA by Porsche Cars North America, and then raffled off to John Maden of Shcattenbaum Region as the grand prize at our Open House in September. While we recommend a professional to install your radio, watch the video above if you’re interested to see the steps involved.

Thanks to DSI Mobile Electronics for the installation: http://www.dsielectronics.com



Poisoned Studios says:

Wear is the apple car play?

Robert Kilar says:

For everybody else there is Continental TR 7412 and now new retro Blaupunkt

Michael Snyder says:

I am trying to install this in my 1995 Porsche 928 GTS. the connections are not the same. Is there an adapter? What else do I need to do? thanks

Nic Wells says:

Dimensions compatible for use on 86 944?

BWJ says:

How do one get repairs done on this new Porsche classic management radio?

langertown says:

I love the aesthetics of this unit and was trying to figure out if I could retrofit it into my classic BMW M3. Because you showed the back of the unit and demonstrated the install I now have enough info to say that I think this wouldn't work in my application. I was hoping they would put an RCA or something on the back. I would need the stock Porsche harness to make it work. Thanks for posting this.

Michael Marino says:

Works well in my 1986 930. Thank you for the video Vu. Excellent. One suggestion I would make to Porsche, controls for audio playback are tiny. So trying to control, for example pause, audio, on the touchscreen is not so easy.

Stevieboy130664 says:

New eye test for the driving test – from the driver's seat, can you read the sat-nav on your Porsche Classic Radio. Looks good, though.

Martin Gingras says:

Would love to see this in my 986…would it fit?

vicky says:

We can install in 930 turbo ?

Kosie Coomber says:

Can this unit work for 955???

Dat Meme says:

I always have to watch PCAHQ videos at double speed. Everything is so slow and dragged out… Ironic because Porsches themselves are quick and nimble.

B-MAN says:

Would love to see this done to a 928

Matt Smith says:

Love the plant location

Ed Oneill says:


jp554731 says:

Is there a gps antenna I can get with the wire going underneath? The stupid previous owner of my 944 S2 cut a square hole on the roof for an am/fm antenna that I want to hide with a gps antenna.

theo vee says:

Tom tom xl ist better

Omer Dundar says:

I understand that this will not work with a 996 (turbo), can you confirm that?

Al Hodge says:

you people love your background music..

mac daddy says:

Waze makes this obsolete.

Gplus Gplus! says:

Very nice and clean install

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