Making My Porsche 911 Louder! (Center Muffler Bypass Install DIY Tutorial)

Making My Porsche 911 Louder! (Center Muffler Bypass Install DIY Tutorial)

Check out my install video of the Billy Boat Center Muffler Bypass on my 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera S. The stock car sounded like a vacuum cleaner. Now with the center muffler removed and the Gundo Hack exhaust mod, my car sounds like a proper 911! If you’re interested in purchasing a center muffler bypass, check out the Fabspeed Center Muffler Bypass on Amazon below (fits all 3.8L, non-turbo Carreras). Also the Fabspeed bypass, due to its x-pipe design, produces a more exotic sound than mine:
► 997.2 :
► 991:

Replacement muffler hardware:
► M8 x 1.25 x 50 mm (4 bolts needed):
► M8 x 1.25 x 40 mm (6 bolts needed):
► M8 Hex Nuts (10 nuts needed):

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Camera Equipment Used:
– GoPro Hero 4 Silver:
– Rode VideoMicro Mic:
– GoPro Case + Mic Mount:
– Basic Tripod:



Wandering Friar says:

Very nicely done, Sir!

Jon @ Flat 6 Motorsports says:

Nice video and a great cost-effective mod!

Rahman Z says:

after some time with the center exhaust bypass, do you prefer this setup or when you just had the gundo hack? I currently have the gundo and center bypass, but I'm thinking with just going gundo.

Ron Levin says:

What size nut and bolt did you use to replace the corroded ones?

jsnoravo says:

can't wait to drive it. lol

Harrison Attee says:

You know you're from Michigan when you hear someone talk about removing exhaust bolts without mention of a torch and start laughing.

Stupid rust belt.

speedcanada1 says:

Another great video! Thanks for taking the time to put these together, your videos are becoming the key 997.2 DIY archive!

BTW, did you decide to keep your car?

tommy c says:

You changed Carrera S to 911…niceeee

Daniel Yoo says:

tip for anyone that breaks a stud. easy way to remove. use a torch to heat up the stud till it's red hot then one good wack with a hammer it will pop out

Paul G says:

Awesome. Where did you do the gundi hack? Did you do that yourself?

One 7 Decimal 2 Eight says:

sounds pretty good. does that car have an IMS bearing?

K1dPhresh1 says:

Man, that sounds really good!!! Wish you would've thrown a drive by/drive off clip in there. How much did the center exhaust weigh? Bypass? Any insight into how it would sound with just the bypass and not the gundo hack? Sounds more throaty now tho. Awesome mod!

arnau marti says:

Nice sound! I love it.

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