How to FIX THE HEATER in your Porsche! Foam pieces from the vents?

How to FIX THE HEATER in your Porsche! Foam pieces from the vents?

Has your Porsche stopped blowing hot air even when it’s on high and the engine is up to temp? Is it an older car? Have you seen little bits of black foam coming from the vents? Well this is most likely the solution you’ve been looking for. I just fixed the heat on my 1998 Porsche Boxster with a simple DIY and made the how to video to show you.

Don’t waste hours and hours of time removing the entire dash to get to the heater core! You can get to the blend doors like I’m going to show you.

I have seen some pictures of the heater core for VW cars and they look very similar, so this may work for you guys too!

3M High Temp Flue Tape:

Porter Cable Oscillating Tool:

101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster book:



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Philip Wheeler says:

Thanks for the guide, I would have never of known it was possible.

Geir Nordvik says:

Thanks for a nice video. My heating is ok, but my side vents are giving poor airflow. Maybe it could have something to do with this missing foam. Seems lika an quite easy task to check when using this method.

Al Moschella says:

Great video! Thanks for the tips!

Francois Ducharme says:

Wonderful again. Once again. (BTW, do you recall I asked you about the 2 droopy Center vents? Well, I fixed them. Quite easy. Pull the console out and separate the 2 vents from the casing. You will see a little pad on each vent that is supposed to rub on a semi circular plastic piece. Tension from the pad on the piece holds the vent in different positions. The pad dries off and stop rubbing . So I put some sticky Velcro tape on the semi circular piece (the soft Velcro side) and it worked. Thanks. I don’t have a camera. So I did not film it.)

Aaron Nichols says:

This fix your hear, did you have poor ac as well?

Ryan Luckinbill says:

Loving all the boxster videos! I replaced the heater core on my 2003 last fall and did part of the job you did. I was only able to tape up one of the vents and you had much better access than through the heater core.

Tim says:

awesome video keep it up bro

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