Apple CarPlay DIY (Wireless) for Porsche 911 / Cayman / Boxster / Macan / Cayenne / Panamera

Apple CarPlay DIY (Wireless) for Porsche 911 / Cayman / Boxster / Macan / Cayenne / Panamera


I love this mod!! Having had Apple CarPlay in nearly every rental car and personal car now for the past few years, I was really disappointed to find the Porsche 991.1 PCM didn’t support it. Thanks to this component / hack / magic little box of awesomeness from a company called Joyeauto, not only can you install CarPlay seamlessly within your Porsche OEM PCM 3.1 unit… you can make it WIRELESS!! Talk about being able to have your cake and eat it too. Unfortunately the installation instructions are pretty poor and there are next to no (good) online resources to help you out… until NOW!!

In this video, I give you a step by step guide to doing the job yourself. You’ll need just a few tools and a LOT of patience…
– Trim removal tools
– T8 Torx screwdriver
– Flathead screwdriver (SMALL)
– Tweezers
– Microfiber towels (for protection)

If you have any questions if you’re thinking about this mod or trying it out yourself, please leave a comment below or email me at

Note: This job will most likely VOID any warranties you have with Porsche or 3rd parties on your PCM unit / audio system. Attempt this job at your own risk.

Here are the links to the manufacturer and the online store I purchased it from:



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Note: Attempt any work on your own car at your own risk. Always consult a manual or a professional first. The steps, tools and approaches I use are my own choices and I’m certainly not an expert!



Andrin Jermann says:

Excellent tutorial video. Congrats! Maybe two things you could emphasize also: a) don't forget to replug the fiber cable (if you have any) from the original to the Joyeauto harness and b) definitely look for a fuse socket that switches with the ignition if you don't want to ruin your car battery. 🙂

Jon W says:

Great video mate, attempting this one my gt4.
Have you got a scouse twang to your accent ??

Emerson Wanton says:

I don’t have a GPS on my Macan s , will I still works?

Daniel Erman says:

will the factory installed back up camera continue to work after the installation?

Les P says:

This is fantastic post. Thank you.

Kayvan Ash says:

Hi all
Anyone have experienced loosing back up camera after installing this CarPlay. It was good for few weeks but if I drive the car more than 20 minutes then I loose back up camera. I read the Joyauto CarPlay get too hot and this causes some malfunctioning. And solution?

Tony G says:

I installed everything correctly but my screen is not powering on at all. I tried my original harness and it works so the ribbons are connected properly. Just not drawing juice from the joyeauto harness

Vic Hooper says:

Is there a solution like this for my 2008 997.1?

Philip Watkins says:

Exceptional video.. About to collect a 2016 Cayman GTS and hope to do the same; whether I do it get it done, let's see but you've done an amazing, well presented and instructional video. Thank you
Just have to add that if ANYONE has done this to their 981 Cayman or Boxster, how well did it go and was there space for the Joyeaux unit and where?

Hristo Pandjarov says:

How does the working carplay perform? From all the videos I’ve seen it seems like it is lagging / slow / not smooth like the original interface? Hope you got the time to comment on that. One more thing I would do when doing that is swapping the hdd with an ssd for better performance of…pretty much everything pcm related

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