How To Build a High Performance TH350/TH400 Transmission | ’67 Pontiac GTO [EP16]

How To Build a High Performance TH350/TH400 Transmission | ’67 Pontiac GTO [EP16]

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Ever wondered how to build a high performance Turbo 350/ Turbo 400 transmission?

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Devin Merritt says:

I see he keeps referring to those thrust bearings as torrington's but they're actually koyo made Torrington was bought out by koyo my fauther have designed the assembly machines that makes those bearings for the past 30 years

james corvett says:

cant even count how many of these Ive rebuilt. it can be done DIY but a lot of parts to remember. today you can take digit pics or a video so you can refer too. back in the day if you took pics you might have to wait a week to get your pics back. this guy knows how stuff well!

justin gray says:

dr/phd, rocket scientist and software engineer< transmission specialist. dude lost me at servo modulator accumulator valve. seriously, ive know guys like this for many many years now and they are few and far between in our disposable everything world. Thanks for a good vid.

Derek Graham says:

Such a beautiful car only one problem its AUTOMATIC lol

Jason Haley says:

…Thinkin Jack DeBlack is a frigid feline* as well, don’tcha knoooo?!?!

* – Cool Cat

Jason Haley says:

Rich…I’m not really a people person per-se (…a wee bit introverted) so I don’t normally comment sans to be the anti-troll as the 2% of us Western Hemisphereans (tip o’ the stocking cap to us in the northern parts-MN for me) that are still able to spell AND articulate, MUST revolt against this uprising of “Idiocracy” types or we’ll all be waterin the grass with Gatorade!! ANNAHOO, I digress…I HAD TO COMMENT on this video, the power of Joe compelled me!! Most informative vid from a super DUPER cool dude (oh alright, TWO cool dudes!) that I’ve ever seen. Keep’r up, eh…you post the BEST VIDEOS!!!!

w41duvernay says:

How about you guys show us how to build a 200r4 or 700r4…

Nite Wolf says:

I have no issue with the automatic. My LS swapped Bird is auto, and I just picked up a 1997 Mustang GT with an auto so my wife and daughter to drive if they want. I have driven Mustangs with heavy clutches for 20 years and it has taken its toll on my knee. So not much of a fan of a manual for a daily driver any more. Keep up the great vids

jeff young says:

That was a great video!! A lot of great information and tech tips!!

Chloe Hennessy says:

Do you guys accept younger teens in your guild for Vikings? I was gonna try it out to see if I like it. But I don’t wanna do it alone and my brother is deployed and can’t play with me.

P.S thank you transmission guy! I learned so much today about that type of transmission! I don’t have a turbo 400 tho. Mine is a little Lancia manual box.

Stealthy Wolf says:

Thank you so much for making this video!!! I have a 400 on my rv I replaced after a trans fluid fire in a safeway parking lot. Had to toss the original one during the process of moving. The replacement trans gets stupid when warm and skips to second, revs its way to third, leaks fluid while sitting but has reverse unlike the old one. I had to rush rebuild the 4l60e on my truck before the move. So a 400 rebuild was not in my cards at the time when the rv was bought and immediately caught on fire at the parking lot. These transmissions are so old, it is tough to find good videos on how they work inside. Its too bad they don't have sonnax upgrades like pinless pistons .etc like the 4l60. But…. At least there is the transgo kits and the things mentioned in this video. I bought a sk400 kit for my trans on amazon. But it didnt have instructions, and its not the kit I need for what I want on the vb upgrade. So I gotta find the 1-2 kit and try again. Funny thing is, this is the kind of transmission John Doc uses in his cowmaro with 1000+ hp. I hate the 3 speed rev at over 60 mph, but if it can pull a 454 house up a mountain from a stop… It'll do…

11:11 Paranorm says:

DE REAL DEAL!!! No other channel gives such in depth videos like DeBoss Garage

SJKLR 650 says:

I could listen to this guy all day

dougie craig says:

Transmission Jedi lives in Canada. this guy knows his shit

Eric Voet says:

People who complain about the cost of a rebuild should watch and see how much is actually involved pretty technical I like how he payed attention to detail.✌

Archibald George says:

brings back memories 350 and the 400 plus 700r4 i was young and had more money in my life now run a 7 setter citroen 1.6 hdi picasso auto 110 bhp and 50 miles to the gallon

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