Peugeot 308 ph2 How To Replace Front Brake Disc And Pads

Peugeot 308 ph2 How To Replace Front Brake Disc And Pads

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In this video, I show step by step how to replace the front brake discs and brake pads.

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Sinisa Garage is not a professional DIY instructional channel and as such the instructions within this video are only meant as a form of entertainment. As such, Sinisa Garage is not liable for any harm you cause to your car, yourself, or others by following the instructions or practices in this video.

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Sadmir Jupic says:

Pezo je extra auto. Jedina mana su mu djelovi koji su skupi. Ovako ako sam sebi radis dosta je jeftinije.

Patriota says:

I will change mine this week! They're from ATE

Igor M. says:

Pozdrav Siniša. Da li si radio zadnje pločice kod 308 ph2? Imam problem da skinem čeljusti, nije kao kod starog 308, koristili su dva torex šarafa, ali kao da je neka čudna veličina. T50 ima lufta, i mislim da mi je čak malo preskočio, a T55 ne može da uđe. Znaš li možda šta mi treba da odvrnem ovaj šaraf?

My Travel Channel says:

Very beautiful and interesting presentation, it was a pleasure to watch your video again. I wish you a nice day!

Traveler Greg says:

Very interesting video. Good tips. Greetings my friend and have a nice Sunday. Thumbs up.

WanderingSafa says:

Thanks for that! my breaks are getting pretty bad lol so about time I replace them!

4 Crying Out Loud! says:

This is practical and very informative. Thank you for sharing, Sinisa! Like 18. Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!

Stefan Maximov says:

Nice Job.Also well explained how to replace it.Thumbs up.

Adani and Toys says:

Mi imamo Peugeot. Svaka informacija je dobro dosla.

BNB Kids says:

Another great video from you ..thanks

Plodovi Prirode says:

4. Like od nas

Vinceland says:

Very important to maintain. One time I had this old winter American car that was only good to beat, I decided not to change anything and just let the brakes go to shit. After a few years it was grinding so much I couldn't drive it at night cause the discs lit up orange from the friction lol Finally the pads fused with the discs when I slammed on the brakes one day. Standard tools wouldn't remove them, had to use a cutting torch to get the pads and braking system off.

Pupi's Adventure says:

dobro ti ide…. samo tako nastavi … LIKE

Krikaryan says:

dobro si sredio, svaka cast Sinisa! 🙂

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