P0087 Peugeot 3008 2010 fuel rail pressure too low

P0087 Peugeot 3008 2010 fuel rail pressure too low

My 3008 started having difficulty starting and stalled a few times at low rpm. It then started to hesitate when cruising and accelerating. Eventually I located the cause of this to be an air leak into the low pressure fuel pipe after the fuel filter and before the injection pump.



@aymansoul says:

Que faire ?

@user-jn2vo7iq6t says:

hi how are u i have Problem P0087 Fuel Circuit. Pressure Measured In The Injection Rail Lower Than The Setting Citroen DS4

@lloyd-qt1mg says:

Hey Joe, thanks so much for your contribution. I've been 'wracking my brain' for days now trying to fathom why the 'stumble' on startup of my 'PUG 308' kept on happening! Your solution is 'spot on' … air tight lines and fittings are paramount! Thank you so much for the video.

@kunj035 says:

My peugeot 308 e-hdi 2012 having the same rough idle and diagnostic code is P0087 which is low fuel rail pressure. Mechanic said could be Fuel pressor regulator could be bad. How did you find out your air leak?
My car having a difficulty in starting and stalls after turned on. But it's fine when I start driving.
Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.

@franciscodelgadogala8242 says:

Hola que problema tenĂ­a? Tengo ese problema en mi peugeot

@benking9503 says:

I've learned fuck all from that!

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