How to replace the heater/blower motor in Peugeot Partner (Citroen Berlingo)

How to replace the heater/blower motor in Peugeot Partner (Citroen Berlingo)

Squeaky air motor in the car? This is how to replace the heater/blower motor in Peugeot Partner or Citroen Berlongo; M59, 2002-2008

The car is Peugeot Partner; 2007; Right-hand drive

Peugeot/Citroen Part N: 6441R5
The replacement part is EIS from eurocarparts (219540020)

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jack tarr says:

helpful and informative

Lee Conway says:

Would replacement of the heaterblower motor, cure the only works on highest setting problem?

Willie Martin says:

I have a 2011 Citroen Berlingo Multi space and I cannot locate the Motor for Blower ? We have dropped both under glove Compartment and under Staring wheel, without success. Help

HappyAs Larry says:

Thank you, mine packed up months ago and now it's winter I will need it working again.

Zed says:

thanks for the video, i'm about to attempt this on my c4 grand Picasso when my replacement arrives

Dominica Pavlova says:

Thanks for sharing that. very clear and helpful. I have a 2003 Berlingo with very stiff clutch pedal, but clutch works really well. Could this be a cable?

Phillip Carter says:

Hi thank you very much for your great video.
By any chance would you happen to know where I can locate the position of the heater resistor please?

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