How to replace glow plugs on 1.6HDi/TDCi diesel engines (Peugeot, Citroen, etc.)

How to replace glow plugs on 1.6HDi/TDCi diesel engines (Peugeot, Citroen, etc.)

Having problems starting when cold? This is how to replace glow plugs on 1.6HDi (Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo, Mini, Mazda3, Suzuki, etc.) and TDCi (ford) diesel engines. The car is Peugeot Partner 2007 (~86,000 miles) model, same as a Citroen Berlingo. Original glow plugs in the car were Beru (8mm) with push-fit caps. The replacement were Bosch (same as these
The view of the camera is from the top of the engine.

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An important amendment, it appears that copper grease may interact with the aluminium body of the engine. One could use lithium grease in that case, but I have not seen a problem with the copper grease.

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Serhiy Vasnyov says:

thanks a lot! Now it is clear how to pull the cups out. Ha, with no instruments!

Dylan Kelly says:

I used work in ford and the guy was over us used all ways tell us take the car for a drive and get it up to operating temp and then remove glow plugs he said it makes it easier how true this is I don’t know

Dougie Brown says:

Excellent. Thank you for doing this vid. 🙂

SinGames says:

I hope my plugs come out as easy as yours did. nice video man.

Simon Warmer says:

I had a 1351 code. All my glowplugs were dead. Took all the precautions to get them out in one piece. Due to the carbon build up of not burning and having a larger diameter at the end, all of them snapped off at the tip. No way getting them out without special tools. I made a guide to hammer the tips into the cylinders and then removed the injectors in order to get the tips out with a flexible magnet. This is quite a drama. You need a camera with light wich is not bigger than 7mm diameter in order to locate the tip. The magnethead should be no larger than 4mm in order to make the angle because the pistons have a highest point in the middle.

CSR ALN says:

Does that torque wrench work anticlockwise (unscrew) as well as clockwise(screw)?

Netas Lia' says:

Hi. My cars is 263oookm and i never changed glow plugs or EGR valve. Maybe it is time soon to do this??–

Joao costa says:

Can i ask why you heat the engine before? You recommend to change the plugs in a warm state??

UK Citizen says:

Nice video!

FYI; If the engine was/is running lumpy and your Glow Plugs were fine, you have a problem with 1 or more Injectors that are leaking from the Nozzles.

It's very common.

Does the Anti Polution warning come on when it's cold starting?

mashal hosam says:

hello sir Great job!!! this job was missing on youtube you sir have done it very well how many klm had the partner at the time.

Qwerty1235945 says:

Thanks for posting this. It's convinced me not to try it on my '07 Citroen C5, where there's very little space between the engine and the scuttle.

Csabi K says:

Ești meseriaș, eu am un volvo v50, același motor, m-ai ajutat cu bujiile. Mersi. Minutul 19:00 te-a dat de gol „imediat„

THE STIG says:

When it breaks , it break the tip of glow, but dont worry ! With an steel rod hammer tip in to the cilinder then take of injector and with an 6mm magnetic extractor u take tip from cilinder through injector hole! No need to take off cilinder head!!!

philip coughlan says:

My car is ford fiesta mk7 don't have the priming bulb but if I buy one shale I just connect it to out let on filter and pump till I see some fuel

philip coughlan says:

Thank you the reason I took the out let pipe of was to see if the fuel was coming out of filter as car won't start I no pump is working but if no fuel comes out it won't go to injectors to start car what do you think

philip coughlan says:

Hi done my glow plugs today as this is same as 1.4dtci ford fiesta thank you so much ? Can you tell me on the fuel filter the out let at front that goes to injectors when you disconnect this ouoe and turn the engine over is fuel serpose to come out or not thanks

philip coughlan says:

What I ment was the nut and bolt you took of at back of engine what did it release thanks happy new year to you

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