How To Change The Oil, Air & Fuel Filters In A Peugeot 3008 – DIY

How To Change The Oil, Air & Fuel Filters In A Peugeot 3008  – DIY

In this video I show a step by step guide on how to carry out a Major Service in a 2012 Peugeot 3008 Diesel, I replace the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter & engine oil.
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Colin Johnson says:

I have just finished changing the diesel filter on my 2013 3008 and can say that the gismo being described does indeed prime the filter

The Godfather of Solihull says:

Do you have any video's on how to replace the cabin filters?

David Vasquez says:

Nice Vid!
Bro I have a 3008 2015 and need to remove the center console in order to access the shifter (juice spillage) so shifter is sticky…
Do you know how to remove that?
Help! lol

Springer spaniel says:

Hi Ger… just to let you know that is the priming button @ 7:20 in this video it’s in between the two grey fuel connections the black button,, hope this helps.

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