PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer Install Nissan 4.0

PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer Install Nissan 4.0

In this episode of DIY WILLY we will install the POWERAID Throttle Body Spacer in our NISSAN Frontier 4.0 V6 Crew Cab. Easy Bolt on Installation…. It’s very easy!! They advertise “MORE POWER” and increased low end torque with better Throttle Response. We will see..!

Tools Used:
5/32 Allen Wrench (Socket)
8mm Socket
Flat Screw Driver (Standard)

I have more videos coming on the Samurai. So please stay tuned for those.
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Filmed with a GoPro Hero 7 silver
Edited with DaVinci Resolve 16
Audio edited with Audacity

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Val z lan says:

I hear the whistle sound. it sounds pretty good. I think I hear something else too. Do I hear the whoosh air intake sound from the volant cooler?

Pro4Xplore says:

ought to try a intake manifold spacer, coupled with a cat back it made a nice change in the tq curve in my 18 frontier.

311mdub says:

Also forgot to as in the last post, your air intake, the box/filter, do you see any performance with that add on? The volant?

311mdub says:

Did you relearn throttle body idle air? I’ve always been told anytime you touch the throttle body, even if cleaning it, you need to relearn the idle air flow, or else motor can burn lean or rich lowering fuel and power.. good to know, have you seen any performance increases from this and or mileage improvement? Also where did you find this part?

Frank Pimentel says:

Hello sr….thanks for your videos help me a lot ….I have a question you know is I can install a custom intake manifold and were I can find it I have 2010 Nissan frontier v6 4.0L engine manual 7 speed transmission

Andres Reza says:

How does this mod work?

Christopher Frenette says:

i ordered the one for my car , but like mine , yours did not come with termal gaskets , whats does it mean? Do i have to get one or ?…( Termal gasket)

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