How to Replace the Blower Motor in a Nissan Xterra

How to Replace the Blower Motor in a Nissan Xterra

This video demonstrates the removal of the blower motor in a Nissan Xterra (second generation). If you need a blower motor for the Xterra you can follow the link below.

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Andy Rizz says:

Thanks! Great money saving instructions

snowymountain13 says:

Excellent video Man! I have a Nissan Xterra 2002. I had a "rumbling" sound coming from behind my glove compartment when I put my heater on. And, there was very little force in the fan. I first checked the cabin filter for obstructions. I had to remove the glove compartment to do this. It was full of straw which I cleaned out. Next, I took out the blower motor just as you showed. Sure enough, it was jam packed with straw, including the compartment that the blower is attached to. The fan could not spin! It is obvious to me that mice had been working on building a nest. I was away on vacation and my vehicle sat for 2 weeks. I cleaned out the blower motor and the area behind it. After cleaning out everything, I reassembled the blower motor and put back the glove compartment back in place. Everything works perfectly! Thanks for the video, and for saving me money!

Sandra Roberts says:

This is great. My Nissan X-trail is not so easy. I got a quote of $1300+ labour to get my blower replaced. From my mechanic who charges WAY less than the Nissan dealership. My fan only works if I have my block heater plugged in for hours before or overnight. If I go out for an errand and get back in my X-trail the fan no longer works. It's aggravating when you live in Canada and there are -55 °Celsius (-67°F) wind chill days and I cannot afford this bill. Only replacing the motor and resistor from removing them from the entire assembly is affordable at $95 for both parts is feasible. I know you said not to remove the parts but in this 2005 vehicle I need an affordable option. What do you suggest?

Claude Pagé says:

Well done, you are answering some of my questions.

You just made a new subscriber. Thanks again.

Your videos are very well done, and the images crisp and clear.

Butch Greene says:

Hey Rye, have a video on how to fix the clicking noise from the internal air mix valve gear directly above the cabin air filters? I've only been able to find temporary patches like zip ties & clothes pins to hold the valve/door open to keep it from clicking. Would like to fix it not rig it

donald adao says:

Thank you man everything worked

donald adao says:

Where can I check for Xterras fuse man

wei Huang says:

clear nice job!

Zahir Rahimi says:

Awesome video dude! Thank you. I was able to remove the acorns from my blower that were driving me crazy. Thank you again!

donald adao says:

Hey so ireplaced the motor and resistor . It still won’t blow.When I turn it on it’s a small squeak

TIM tegtmeyer says:

Outstanding video..I also have a clicking/rubbing sound. This should do the trick. Thanks

Gpatnew1 says:

Thanks very helpful 7/32 nuts

michael streebig says:

Excellent video

Marc Villavicencio says:

Awesome video!! Just changed mine and I really appreciate you saving me cash!!

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