How to Replace Headlights 05-06 Nissan Altima

How to Replace Headlights 05-06 Nissan Altima
1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace the broken, damaged, cracked, faded, cloudy, or chipped headlights. This video is applicable to the 05, 06 Nissan Altima

✔ List of Auto Parts from Related to This Repair:


🔨 List of Tools Used in this How-To Video:

• Flat Blade Screwdriver
• Phillips Head Screwdriver
• 10mm Socket
• Trim Tool Set
• Ratchet
• Socket Extensions

🔧 Instructions:

1. Removing the Bumper Cover 0:40
2. Removing the Headlight 4:08
3. Installing the New Headlight 7:04
4. Installing the Bumper Cover 9:12

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Joseph Of Borg says:

Or you could just remove the air filter on driver side the coolant reservoir on the passenger side and reach in from the top.

al al says:

Just plain crazy to go around the world to change a light bulb.

John Nguyen says:

awesome video! thank you!

Don Klier says:

Question I have a 2006 altima with HID bulb where is the ingniter or ballest located drivers side low beam

Dwayne Madsen says:

Funny, I go to your website and "Push Clips" and "Plastic Push Clips" and "Plastic Rivets" all return zero results. I guess I will buy them on ebay.

Kaleido Scope says:

Thank you! I just bought a used 06 Altima 2.5S and the State Safety Inspector failed the headlamp lenses (among other things). Then he gave me a $660.00 estimate just to change the headlamps ($ 192.00 per headlamp! plus 2 hrs of labor???). OK, all kinds of alarm bells went off at that price – as well as their grand total of the other charges. So, immediately I googled prices on the headlamps to find his prices were about 350% markup. of course I have changed headlights before … so, I thought how dang long could it take to change to bulbs?? More googling and VOILA! I found your video! Admittedly, a bit shocked to learn I need to pull the bumper, but its a few snaps, bolts and screws – no biggie. I've had to get to tougher tighter spots on an airplane. BOTTOM LINE – I am purchasing these headlights from you and I will do the install myself. Your instructions are great. I don't have (and don't need) a lift to get to these bolts (Former USAF Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Daddy's Girl – the kind that helps dad work on the car! All those years of tagging along when he did mom's brakes, headlights, timing, tunups, oil changes, belts and hoses, radiator … and years working on planes have paid off! )

Candace R says:

are you kidding me – i need to remove the bumper to change the headlight lenses!!! Did this just turn into a pricey auto-mechanic job?

MsAnthropea Necrosis says:

Why on earth would anyone design a car that you have to take off the wheel and the entire bumper to change a headlight bulb????

TREJO Vázquez says:

Excellent video

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