Installing A K&N Cold Air Intake On 2.4L Mitsubishi Lancer!

Installing A K&N Cold Air Intake On 2.4L Mitsubishi Lancer!

Today we are installing a new K&N cold air intake on joshes 2.4L lancer! It was a great install and added some extra hp and sounds awesome which is a plus!

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Link for intake:



Joel Hernandez says:

Where did you bought your cold intake

Tyler Johnson says:

Hey thanks so much for the video, super helpful! So I am having the same trouble trying to find a place to install that bracket You said you had to uninstall the wiring harness, then you found a place to secure the bracket? Thanks for any advice you can give.

J Dk says:

Some guys keep the scoop on and some just take it off does it really matter?

markoxnovakovic says:

Just a question because I'm curious, did ur yt name come from cboystv or did u just come up with it?

J_lucha says:

How is it ? I just got mines for my 392 I haven’t put mines in yet.

VerifiedStatic says:

what's the blue strip on the bumper called?

DancesWithAK47s says:

This is a short ram intake. Not cold air

Shoestealz says:

Will they fit 2.0 lancer?

Deepinder Singh says:

Yo, i just wanted to know….
What model and years are your lancers would help alot since im trying to do something similar.

Jordy Lopez says:

Does your lancer have throttle delay

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