Mercury Active Trim Install.

Mercury Active Trim Install.

In this video I’m installing the Mercury Active Trim unit on my 2021 Tracker Targa with the DTS. My dealer wanted to charge me almost $500 to install this unit and honestly they didn’t even know what I was talking about when i mentioned it. So I’ll give it my best shot. This is only the install, calibration needs to be done on the water. I’ll make a follow up video showing that here soon. Thanks for watching.



brad metcalf says:

Was it hard to configure? Or calibrate? I got mine installled today. Need to hit the water now to figure it out

Scott Douglass says:

Looked like a pretty good install for you. Nice and easy. Was wondering how it result worked for you? Is there anything that you'd do differently if given the chance?

Texas Chief says:

Looking forward to seeing how it works for you. Thanks for posting.

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