DIY Mercury 9.9 maintenance and winterizing

DIY Mercury  9.9 maintenance and winterizing


Joe Siri Ekgren says:

Thank you for your inspiring and excellent video!

Jonny Kendrick says:

Two things I would do different:
Change the oil in the spring, not before you put it away for the winter. Used oil has much better lubrication properties than cold/new oil. Change it when it is warm and when you are about to use it. Also, when trying to evacuate the gasoline… replacing the cap on the fuel line while is running would put suction on the carb. This usually prevents all of the fuel from burning out of the chamber.

Ed Hill says:

Thanks Man! Really good video!

Capt Dave's Sport Fishing says:


Yusuf K says:

Wow one of the best videos I've seen.. No crap talking just useful information with calming music. Thank you

Xiong Thao says:

One of the best videos yet! Can you do one on how to change out the water pump/impeller? Thanks!

Erick Martin Sucre says:

This is a great video!

Yusuf Topaloglu says:

Tohatsu owners may also watch as its the same engine

Ace Cat says:

what is that device you used to pump the oil into the bottom part

Big Ken says:

Thanks Man! Really good video!

Yoel Guerra says:

Great video! Really helpful, thank you!

Wertu Fgui says:

Great video! But let me ask you a question, why did you use Quicksilver HighPerformance Gear Lube
because it was recommended by the manufacturer for motors from 75 HP ?

free88 says:

Great video. When changing the engine oil on this outboard, it is very important to tilt down and back up again and drain a second time. There is quite a bit of oil that gets trapped and thats the only way to get it out.

First Massage says:

I know nothing about outboard motors. why do you start engine at the full line and not at start? thank you, i hope to own one some day

Jay Shaw says:

This was very good. Thanks. I just purchased a Mercury 9.9 this past week.
I also purchased an Evinrude 90 hp Etec last year. No scheduled maintenance required for the Etec for 3 years. And believe it or not, the Etec winterizes itself.

Jerry Wegman says:

This is one of the best maintenance videos for Mercury 9.9 and similar outboards. It deserves wide viewership. I encourage the authors to produce more. Thank you.

Tim Brown says:

Nice video! I just bought a 2006 9.9 four stroke today. I'm about to order all the stuff to change impeller, fluids, and spark plugs.

Matt Waters says:

Excellent video. Many thanks!

TnR says:

Where's the oil filter?

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