mercedes w204 c300 common faults + how to fix rear tail light brown ground wire

mercedes w204 c300 common faults + how to fix rear tail light brown ground wire

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what your going to need for this fix

15amp wire any colour
wire stripper
wire crimper
wire cutter usually you can find a tool that does all 3
eye ring connectors
soldering iron
multi meter
drill bit and drill or hand drill
spring washer
drill bit
drill or hand drill

depending on which way you decide to fix your issue will dictate what you need
either way both ways will be a permanent fix

in this video

i show you guys how to fix the most common fault with the w204s
the tail light connector harness issue relating to the brown ground wire

this common fault causes a inconsistent connection between the harness and the tail light connector

thereby dimming your tail lights and throwing error messages
also due to the wire being too thin of a gauge for the amount of current being drawn to the tail light assembly it can melt the connector harness and in some cases cause a fire…..very dangerous in my opinion

so a fix is necessary to ensure safety

i have been told that mercedes has announced a recall for this fix but with the hassle of having to book and lose your car for a certain amount of time

here i show you how to diy and fix this issue yourself
this is a permanent fix as well

i show 2 ways in which you can use to fix this common fault with the w204s
the choice is yours
they are both solid fixes

if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below and i will do my best to answer them

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hey guys so i hope this video helps anyone who is experiencing this problem with their tail lights from melting , inconsistent connection, throwing error codes, or bulbs going out due to this common fault… it really is a very simple fix… my apologies for a quick and crap job on the soldering… make sure if you do it properly and make a secure and solid connection…i only wanted to show what you need to do ..but i decided to take it abit further as i know alot of ppl are very visual when it comes to an explanation so i did that quickly so i could show what i meant…… wish everyone luck who attempts this … it much faster then getting Mercedes to do it a,d honestly ive seen how Mercedes can do a flimsy job themselves …at least this way you can be sure you did it correctly ad it will last above all

jacqui bee says:

Thank you. So good!

matthew anderson says:

Those goofy led bulbs will mess you’re electrical too

Shaildhar Parekh says:

It was so nice to find this video, thank you.
Do you know if this problem is actually a recall or not?


Jason Hussey says:

Hi iv just seen your Video how to do this does it matter what side is it left or right because it’s saying on my car on the left side is not working but it is

Mick Foster says:

Just had this issue with my W204. The earth in the connector had completly burnt away. I fixed it in a similar way before seeing this video. One issue I had was that I just couldn't solder onto the metal earth on the backing plate even after cleaning it down to bare metal. It just wouldn't tin. I ended up drilling a hole through the metal in a suitable place and fixing the new earth wire with a self tapping screw and crimped ring.

Hyeuk Ryu says:

Hi You mentioned recall, but I could not find any by googling. Has the recall been publicly announced? If so, do you have any link for the recall?

Ariel Garcia says:

My car leave the break lights on and shows break light problem in the dashboard, will this new ground helps? Thank you!

Damien Hughes says:

I just noted mine is melted and now need replacing and fixing myself

Labinot Hasani says:

My left tail light has the dimming problem the bulbs don't burn out nor do any codes come up but it is significantly dimmer, so by using this method can i simply leave the brown wire in the original harness the way it is? So i just ad this new cable and ground it to any bolt point on the car?

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