Mercedes Benz Auxiliary Battery Replacement

Mercedes Benz Auxiliary Battery Replacement

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to replace the auxiliary battery in a Mercedes E class. It’s an easy to do and a quick fix. Leave a comment if it’s helpful.



rakishman1313 says:

hm I have a 2014 but my battery is a different code and i think mine is under the hood. I will learn soon

Jo S. says:

Thank you! I can do this one at home and save a bunch of money by keeping my car out of the shop!

Duff Pannell says:

Thank you for posting

jorge prado says:

Very good instructions, good graphics, Thank you!

Billy Tequila says:

With all the mis-information out there it was a breath of fresh air to find exactly what I searched for. THANKS

harrison tran says:

thanks for making this video, very helpful

simon chang says:

would you need to use a memory saver when changing auxillary batteries,thanks

HarlemFinest155 says:

I've seen some vids where plp say that have problems with disconnect info the battery and loading certain functions of the car. Did you have that problem with your car, did your settings to programmed things stay the same?
I have the auxillary battery indication on my 16' E350 rear wheel and don't want to be charged $350 for MB Service A request at dealer plus change of the battery.

Need help !!

methunshow says:

Nice heads up on that push button start though it hasn't happen yet. Saves a tow. Thanks!

dan huynh says:

thanks video

B B says:

great video

Jeff Jean says:

Thank you for the help!

Boyd midwinter says:

Do you think I could recharge the aux battery?

A Saleh says:

smart, but i hate the fact that e-class now has 2 batteries, that makes it complicated.

Random Singh says:

Where did you purchase the battery from ?
Do you have an online Link ?

Ek Chuah Studios says:

Stop, stop with that bad music or banging sound. Otherwise good info.

Victor Peters says:

Thank you so much. Saved me a lot of money

J Rilla says:

What if you can't pop the trunk

Danny Yusof says:

Thank you ; very helpful

Aaron W says:

You da man!!! Thanks for taking the time. This saved me money and time.

Bruce Hirsh says:

Do you know where the aux battery is located on a 2014 E350 Cabriolet? Thanks!

success carty says:

great vid, very informative, thanks and please post more how to videos

Joe Brikha says:

You did not specify what year e class. Location varies from year to year

William O RIORDAN says:

great job just what i needed

Az Az says:

**Thanks u very much very useful information thanks**

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