Mercedes Benz Airmatic Repair Fix Works Great 8 bucks

Mercedes Benz Airmatic Repair Fix Works Great 8 bucks

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Airmatic repair using clear harbor freight fast setting epoxy. 24 hour full cure time. Get the large tubes. Fix applied 2 months ago from upload and holding perfect. When you remove the old stuff you will see why is fails.



Cort45 Productions says:

My S430 is low on the front passenger side and too high in the rear on both sides anyone have any suggestions before go to the shop with the car?

steven Kaibintech says:

great video!

rt bigman says:

Great video, I have an issue with the right side rear, any suggestions to resolve this issue ?

Vin Mega says:

Really nice video. I have seen people not even take the old epoxy out and just layer on new over top. That seems to work as well.

Mai Rae says:

What struts where low back or rear my rear is down and I’m trying to fix

Pablo Peso says:

Can you email me. I’m having trouble with my rear suspension on a 2004 e500.

MKB DIY says:

What brand/type of epoxy did you use? Is it still holding up. Have you applied to the rear struts too?

Robert Tipan says:

What opoxy did you use

Melanie Archer says:

Will this work on a GL450 2012??? I noticed after parking the SUV will stay lifted, then lower all the way. Get in to drive and it will go back up. Later after riding it will lower again after being parked for a while. Sometimes it will stay up, it's hit or miss. How much will this cost usually and should it be taken to dealer?

Francisco Toledo says:

it the bast for you

Pinoy_Gang93 says:

Quick question boss I'm in Fresno but my passenger is all the way down but my driver side is aired up know anything what it could be the problem the compressor and all turns on and all struts get air

Mark Rogow says:

do you know anyone in San Diego who can help me fix one? 2003 s430 Mark 619-944-5454

MessiaH0288 says:

You my good man did an excellent job. Both of my S classes leaked last winter and I did this. 14 months later rides good & tight with no dash light

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