Fix Your Mercedes-Benz Sway Bar Link

Fix Your Mercedes-Benz Sway Bar Link

Where do i get all my Mercedes Parts:

Lots of great info on the website too! This is where I go if im stumped.

Keep it simple and relax, Take your time. I’m not responsible if you screw up and damage your car in anyway shape or form. TAKE YOUR TIME.


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Faiz Rahman says:

my w212 e63 seems to go thru them every 15 to 20000 miles…what gives…very frustrating

OB auto world 9009 says:

Which model is it ???
Is it same for E250 model???????
Plz help.bro

4Ever-A-Gamer says:

You're awesome dude! really helpful! Keep it up!

S R says:

I thought this was Adam Sandler

Ratcat17 says:

On an ML350 this cost me $22 AU!

latengocomoburro says:

Thank you for the video. BTW 0:55 The car is not going to roll back if you have it in park because it is rear wheel drive. Also You had to put two blocks of wood underneath the wheels to lift the car a little, so you can't really do it with a cheap jack, it won't slide underneath. Just go to Harbor Freight and get a low profile jack they are awesome and no that expensive.

Benji R. says:

Awesome! great training explanation.

Douglas Gower says:

Hey Raymond, good video man, thanks. Doug (UK)

Hardik Patel says:

Will this fix the rattling sounds at low speeds under 50 mph?

Eduart Dore says:

Do you need to do the alignment after this job is done?

ChipMIK says:

Honestly…The sway-bar link has nothing to do with steering? Sway-bar is to prevent car rolling when doing turns 😀 It should never EVER give any slack in the steering/steeringwheel…Gives me kind of scary feel about how little such a known guy actually knows about what he´s talking about….Or the guys instructing him behind the scenes….SO basic part of a car & even my teenage-son @16 know that a swaybar does not give play in the steering…BTW..You find out your swaybar-link is faulty when suspension starts to give metallic sounding knocks when driving on uneven surfaces.


following you dude!!!!

DdAaVvIiDd says:

11:14 the bag says otherwise

DdAaVvIiDd says:

1:05 hehe Mercedes supplied my car with metal foldable wheel chucks. Thanks Benz!

Mr Ram says:

Are you still using ABC

Daouda Conde says:

Hey guys I am having the problems, my S430 01 doesn’t have any grapes on the road .

bio medical1978 says:

Thanks, from Qatar

Rich Kennedy says:

Just tried to do mine as I’m getting a knock, when jacking the car it slipped off the jack and it went straight through the sump tray. Then coolant emptied and oil started oozing, i had hit the oil cooler!! Most expensive drop links I’ve ever changed!!

Werner Danler says:

I did this on my 98 Volvo. They are identical. Now I have 2001 e320. I do get a little knock on the left side so may need to replace those links. Just replaced the lower control arms and ball joints. Waa

GLK350BENZ says:


Ryan N says:

Great video! Are sway bars a component that have to be tightened while the wheels are under the load of the vehicle?

Reginald-Coldsteel Crews says:

Great video Raymond!!! I have already checked my 2010 CLS300(C300) and both sides are blown..The MB Dealership wants $800.00 to do the repairs but I priced both left and right sway bars at Advance Auto for less than $100 …I will do this job myself!!!

GLK350BENZ says:

What is the Torch amount for the links?

abc123 says:

Hi Raymond, does the w204 have 4 sway bars? 2 in front and 2 in rear. I have a C250 coupe.

Cesar Hasael says:

Fucking shit you talk to Damn much

Snoopy4156 says:

Hey Raymond you think it’s the same on the 2012 c63 coupe ?

Zuzu Pali says:

This scentbird add is getting really annoying.

Azri Zainal says:

Nice….I will get the other one to replace immediately

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