DIY FIX Mercedes E350 Sky View Cracking Noise

DIY FIX Mercedes E350 Sky View Cracking Noise

Video shows how to get rid of the loud cracking noise the Sky Views will develop over time.

In my video you’ll see that you do not have to remove the head liner, instead you can work around it.

the dealer (Mercedes Benz House of Imports in Buena Park, CA) quoted me $1400 to do this. I’m sure they were not going to do all the removing they claimed (remove all interior top trim adjust the glass, lube and torque.)

And Carmax claimed it was because I lowered the car, Thank Ian (Buena Park, CA), I’m certain he did all he could.

Tools you will need
1.. T30 Torx Bit
2. 1/4 Socket (makes life easy)
3. ratchet or Power Ratchet.
4. Small Flat head Screw driver
5. Plastic Trim Removal tools

Other stuff:
Blue locktite.
and 2-3 hours of your time.

Good Luck.
How to remove Grab Handle.

If you prefer to remove the entire liner for the task (unnecessary) here is a vid for reference for that (Not my vid… obviously)



Luis Raposo says:

Thank you man.
I have an 2015 w212 with the same noise. but I have roof over Alcantara. I'll try to repair it without ruining the Alcantara.

MR2DSP says:

I purchased my first Mercedes benz on my 50th bday, A 2013 E 350 with pano roof and I have these noise but all the way to the rear, I will do these repair and wish me luck to fix these annoying creaking noise ! thanks for sharing !!

jabast09 says:

Dude, THANK YOU for this video. I have a 2012 E350 coupe with the same issue. Stealership wanted $ 780 plus tax in order to fix it. Said it would take them 4 hours to get this done… Clowns…. Thanks again!

A LiL Leeway says:

Mate, I just wanted to thank you for this video… you saved me a lot of effort and money. Knowing exactly where to start and what to do made it easy and sorted the problem out straight away. After all the mechanics couldn’t diagnose the problem, I’m glad I stumbled on this vid and could do it myself. Nice one bud

Kim Delgado says:

It worked like a charm.  I probably over torqued the bolts, but i don't care.  That damn cracking was the worst.  Thank you so much for the video.

Baha Hopovac says:

I have cracking issues on my 2010 e350 as well but mine is cracking in the sunroof. My car does have the panoramic roof and it only cracks in warmer weather. When its colder out it does not crack. Do you know the issue and how I can fix this?

Kim Delgado says:

Nice video. I'm inspired to fix my 2012 E350. Any advice on dealing with the clips in the seat belt area?

LadooCrew says:

Hi mate thanks for the useful video. I'm getting a similar sound on same car, it's coming from the centre cross bar near the pan roof like a crackling sound on any sort of roughish road. It don't matter if roof is open or closed or tilted it comes regardless. Would I need to get a mechanic to take the entire lining of what screws need to be tightened and does something else need to added. One guy goes it could take 6 hours. I'd appreciate some advice on what needs to come down and what and where needs to be tightened. Thanks

666miguel99 says:

Sorry for the late reply. I didn't know there was a comment. I didn't care to look fo any specs as the manufacturer obviously did not account for the flex and play in those areas. I just tightened as much as I could. With the tools in the video you cannot possibly over torque to where your cause damaged to the threads. Just make sure you remain straight so you don't strip the Torx head.

Eamon Mikami says:

Do you know how many Nm torque for the mounting bolt in the video? Trying to fix mine and can't fine the torque spec anywhere. Thanks.

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