How To : Mazda 3 key fob battery replacement

How To : Mazda 3 key fob battery replacement

Instructions on how to replace the battery in the keyless entry fob for a 2013, 2014, 2015 Mazda3.

Battery: Panasonic CR2025



Jenny Lin says:

thanks for sharing

Julius Lewdsly says:

I have a very similar Mazda fob and it opened the same, thanks man.

Shelley Ford says:

Thank you for this, great explanations without a bunch of extra crap. Wish more people in YouTube did simple instruction videos like this one, well done! 😀

T1MERUNN3R 414 says:

Cool, thanks!!

James Smith says:

Or you could hand the key semi out of where you pull it out from on twist the key 90 degrees. This acts as a lever and doesn't require any tools

Matimba Sithole says:

Thanks bro short and on point, much appreciated

Sean McMaster says:

This video did everything right. Thanks for making YouTube suck less, Damian.

Gina D says:

Thank you, I thought I would have to take it to thr dealership which is not local.

Troy Davis says:

THANK-YOU! Saved me tons of time and frustration.

Mason Raasch says:

High quality video. Followed the steps almost in real time because of how clear it was and now my key fobs work again!

Bob Slayed says:

Excellent – thank you

Debra Myers says:

woohoo, thank you so much

Candace Dunn says:

Thanks!! Now I don’t have to pay Mazda a fortune to do it. When I called Mazda they said they were the ONLY ones who could do it. Very much appreciated!!!!

emwa3d says:

Thanks a lot mate

Flame Pool says:

I cant get it to pop open. My screwdriver just slips and it cut my hand

Arbit says:

Helpful, thanks

akapam57 says:

Thank you. Just change my batteries for my Mazda 3 2015 key fob.

Ferhan A says:

Thank you very much! It helped me a lot.

Presenting for Results says:

Thank you – well explained and very useful.

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