Check Out This New Mazda Rotary Engine

Check Out This New Mazda Rotary Engine

Mazda Just Changed the World with This New Rotary Engine, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Everything you need to know about Mazda. Here’s why new Mazdas are reliable. Are Mazda cars any good? Is Mazda worth it? Should I Buy a Mazda? The truth about Mazda. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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keydude says:

Yep – lots of flak against the rotary engine. Had an RX3 wagon and simply loved it. Horrid paint, inexpensive body metals, and bad gas mileage. But it was reliable, powerful, and loved that humming sound when we drove. Never broke down.

Trime2x1 says:

Well done! Thank you for putting this together. Your ready for the History Channel!

ecschindelbeck says:

My daughter has a late 2000s Mazda 3 with 2.3 liter and automatic that we bought her at 175k and other than burning a little oil that car still feels “alive” at 219k miles. She has already said she wants her next car to also be a Mazda.

Parker Rolling says:

It astounds me that Scotty can put out 2 videos a day and have such high quality

Emil Aliev says:

Dude I'm still driving my 1987 rx7 gtr…


This Engine is garbage

Dan Millado says:

Proud FD3s and rx8 shinka owner here!!!

To the point. says:

I'd love to have a newer Mazda

Yazmo says:

great stuff Scotty put some work ion it can tell, i like it!

MistahKen says:


Darkwing Beatz says:

Very neat! I owned a Mazda 6 for a few years and it was a pretty good car..until I hydroplaned and smacked a telephone pole..

happystar1000 says:

You are an excellent narrator Scotty!

Mai Mariarti says:

I've never seem most of those Mazdas before this video. I love them all. They are all so beautiful.
Thanks Scotty, for another great educational video.

Mai Mariarti says:

Japanese are a fascinating culture. They strive for perfection. They make things that others use everyday, but didn't think to make it better.
For example, rice has been the stable diet of many cultures thousands of years old.
… but it took the Japanese, to invent the automatic rice cooker!

Hector Heath says:

Would have thought it obvious piston rings sliding in a cylinder would provide the best seal. The Japanese cars in this video are gorgeous, we should just copy the past.

Mai Mariarti says:

They fixed the cracking problem by coating both the rotor and stater with hard baked ceramics.
I've driven the RX7, and it was as smooth as silk. The engine produces a linear torque and acceleration. Very predictable.
It's a horrible engine when it comes to gas millage, and it burns oil because oil is the piston ring of this engine! The thin film of oil is why the parts don't sand each other down.
I researched this engine thoroughly, and loved it. One of the smartest designs ever. The simplicity alone can be recognized by a school child.
With simplicity, come reliability hence, KISS.

scott McIntosh says:

in 1978 they where 1 2 and 3 at Daytona but two blew engines they bolted multiple engines togther beat the Porches.

Marshall Monroe says:

The Rotary engine was a German invention!

Hunter says:


Klelm says:

love car history

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