Installing the side scoops and sills on the Exige!

Installing the side scoops and sills on the Exige!

On this episode, I install the side scoops and side sills. I even attempt at adding RTV on some spaces, however, that doesn’t quite work out. The scoops and sills are by ReVerie. The scoops were dry carbon, which no longer matched the car, and the side sills had many spider cracks, and needed to be shortened. Gabriel of GB Composites took on the challenge of making the scoops gloss carbon, repair the issues on the side sills, and did a hell of a job!

Cartoon – Why We Lose (ft Coleman Trapp)

Nomyn – Infinity

Big thanks to Gabriel of GB Composites for doing me right. If you guys ever need to refurbish any carbon composites, I highly recommend him.

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Driven Garage says:

Hey where did you get the wide body clams from?

mrmettler1983 says:

Looking good Eric.

M A says:

Are the spacers magnetic? If so, you should invest in a Telescoping Magnet. It’ll get it out in a heart beat.

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