How To Fix Lexus & Toyota VSC and ABS Light / Sensor

How To Fix Lexus & Toyota VSC and ABS Light / Sensor

In this episode we show you how to fix Lexus and Toyota ABS Sensors and turn of the VSC and ABS daash lights on the GS430.



Joey Abbate says:

YOU SAVED ME $$$$185.00—-MY MAN!!!!

Joey Abbate says:


imagines111 says:

Nice job! Can you help me? I have 99 GS300 with misfire on #3, I decided to change all such as wires, plugs, and coils ((3)). Problem acted up again: sakes, plow-by, when acerated…. I replaced 3 broken plugs for the coils, which I thought that may caused the problem due to possible wrong location, neg. / pos. Wires..but it shouldn't because the #3 cyn. still the problem. Thanks in advance."

Txhobtxhawj Moua says:

Great video that shows all the details.  Suggest to have the mic little more closer.

manuel luz says:

So I got the lights. I'm getting 0 ohms when I test the wire but I get some when I spin the wheel what does that mean?

Tobore says:

Can you still drive the vehicle while VSC?

Emad A says:

Did you ever figure out how to turn of the VSC lights cuz I did thanks to your video

carlo vincetti says:

Lexus designed into the computer of the car an intentional trigger for something more serious when what it really means is something simple and the dealers know it. You take it in they tell you it is something serious because it was idling rough too. Turns out that design to put the stability control out of function activating the check engine light as well, was because one of your ignition coils was bad. 0_0 No conspiracy there right. i kid you not! Tell your lexus friends.
Neither will this comment be either.

michael lyons says:

hi mod life  great pos ti think how to set the yaw sensor is described  in  lexus gs300 /430 work shop manual which is excellent for wiring diagram ect covers most things   I got mine on cd from ebay about £ 6 uk hope this helps  anyone .ps it's what dealers use anyway

Andy Hopkins says:

Im having an ABS/VSC issue with my GS300 sport, been told its the ABS speed sensor ring and that I need to buy a complete new driveshaft or one from a breakers, cannot seem to buy them from anywhere else..


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