Land Rover Series 3 – Clutch Replacement

Land Rover Series 3 – Clutch Replacement

With the gearbox already out, it made sense to replace the clutch plates and crank spigot bearing. Of course, it can be done by slinging the ‘box and moving it back – thus obviating the need to remove the seat box.

There is one important detail I missed in the video, that is to boil the spigot bearing in oil before fitting – I just used EP90 boiled up with a camping stove.



davros0007 says:

Fill the spigot with grease then whack a perfect fit bolt/rod etc into it, hydraulic force pushes it out…

Mark Irwin says:

Another shit hot video…….thanks for your time and effort

Daniel Dooling says:

Grand video, I take it it’s all the same for a series 2a?

Darren Attersley says:

great vid thanks for the insight

Paul Bignell says:

enjoyed your video…am a new series 3 owner and the gearbox is coming out… thanx

David Hayward says:

Great job..!  still haven't found the knob for your blowtorch I see….!!

Colin Tonkasdad says:

great video as always , and reading the comments im sure it will be done soon. so best wishes for that , and the show the following week . cheers from tamworth

rich3500 says:

Good luck with finishing the gearbox over the weekend, keep us updated and I might come along to the rally in East Grinstead on Monday! Hope to see you there. Rich

Jano Mariano says:

I think I saw this posted on a certain group in Facebook. Was that your post too?

Dave O says:

That is one heck of a spring on the starter drive.I love the way the whole seat tub just unbolts and comes out.  Makes it a lot easier to work on the clutch and transmission

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