My Cheap Lamborghini’s Broken Turbo Was Really Cheap To Fix (NOT)

My Cheap Lamborghini’s Broken Turbo Was Really Cheap To Fix (NOT)

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Matthew Martin says:

You live near Orlando? I I’m in Tampa. It would be awesome to checkout your car you should host an event sometime.

An idiot in a racing car says:

Haven't we seen this "chipped turbo fins" thing already?

Gareth Hall says:

"Just $10!" (give or take $1,600)

asusreviews says:

Stop painting car parts white. They will get dirty soon and look terrible!

Gaz_rs1800 says:

Stop repeating yourself in every bloody video! Getting hard to watch.

FlatSixTV says:

Love your videos, Im rebuilding a 2008 Superleggera from accident damage and enjoy your videos first hand.

Marc Mathes says:

watch your gain on your audio. just had to click on mighty car mods vid, and my center channel is not blown. It's the gain on your audio when you record. and to be very clear i like your videos! This is one of the top car channels on YouTube. you are the man!

Darwinpasta says:

The turbo was damaged by a foreign object. We think it might've been a baguette.

Gio Asdeer says:

he should have waited to fix the other turbo

theadasoldier says:

I love POR15 products. They make great stuff.

Phil Parana says:

Painting turbos that get to well over 1000 c with 1200 f paint, more lipstick on your pig.

Brandon Foss says:

iron and cast iron are different

Ruslan Klezmer says:

Dude after some high revs and spirited driving those turbos gonna get hotter than 1300F

DexyCo says:

I would rather send original turbo to get fixed and mount it later if you cant wait…

Andreas Michaelides says:

1491st! Do i win something?

Passions says:

Paint with gold spray paint from Dollar Tree!

Ted Sealey says:

Should have sent that turbo out, you can't be in a rush fixing cars, the car fixing gods will punish you

TheSlim says:

They use cast iron because of the shape of the piece of metal and the fluid passages within, I think!

ira mercer says:

When he says "brung"…..

Lejon says:

Excited to see this project completed and running

MTC Gaming says:

I’m not hatin but why do you have to keep saying oh my “cheap Lamborghini” you don’t have to keep saying it all the time I’m mean u put it in your titles and like every video

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