Lamborghini Urraco: How To Completely Refurbish The Engine | Wheeler Dealers

Lamborghini Urraco: How To Completely Refurbish The Engine | Wheeler Dealers

Mike buys a Lamborghini Urraco but Edd needs to completely refurbish the engine before they turn it over as parts of the V8 motor have rusted.

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1aikane says:

Where is your shop?

Draxindustries1 says:

Both Edd and Ant are OK but you have to remember that Ant was an ex copper so obviously makes some wary.

D4r3k33 says:

Edd Was the best mechanik on WD

Karl Smith says:

"We Finally Have A Bull In The Chyna Shop"

Bad pun Edd

Adams Angels says:

$4000 aud a day for a Lamborghini techie……..

neil crompton says:

Hmmmm! Still rehashing old episodes?

Patrick Kyker says:

After all that work I would have started engine on a stand first.

Shawn Hollahan says:

This should be a much more detailed presentation …. I'm left entertained but learned little because when you dont know much about engines you cant visualize what the narrator is talking about… they need animations and diagrams to teach properly.

B-MAN says:

…now I've noticed the difference between this series (with Edd) vs Ant, there is a good portion of the technical bits missing, no wonder Edd wanted to leave, they were cutting out the best bits. I AM NOT SAYING ANT IS BAD! but It's in the hands of the Americans now so I can really see the difference.

Auto Manuals says:

Don't want to be the one to say it, but…. Don't think its been the same since Mr China left.. 🙁

Landinius Maximus says:

Hardly a complete refurbish.. more like 10 percent of it.. the titleis just clickbait..

Daniel Malek says:

Wheelerdealers: 10min from start to finish full engine restoration
Tavarish: 10min to change a a spark plug

Ricardo Jorge says:


Paul Hotson says:

That's not completely refurbishing an engine.

WildRover1964 says:

"bull in a China shop" – remarkably witty comment

ferraridinoman says:

Had one of these Urraco P250s (and a P300) truly a bag of crap (Trust uncle Rog here!) DON'T GO NEAR 'EM!! (You have been warned!!) x

James Guirand says:

Fan in Haïti

Andrea Fusco says:

La targa di Pavia è la parte migliore

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