Lamborghini Huracan Replica Full Build With Builder Details

Lamborghini Huracan Replica Full Build With Builder Details


NoMoreCandies says:

how about a motor, interior, transmission, electricals, etc ???

Vikram Singh says:

Body kit Lamborghini hurricane ki chahiyee mil skti hai kyaa??

Famous Gammer. says:

Sir please help to make this car

S A N D Y says:

What material is used anyone tell me

Luca Duca says:

I want to design a car for this man, for free. Then he can put the body on another car. How do I contact him?

Nahida Gokak says:

Super bro .


Now that's the real lamborghini not like the others is far style

Elie Srour says:

Check us on facebook and instagram.. Srour tuning mania we are from lebanon and this guy has stolen our videos

Obaidullah Amir says:

Can you give me your contact number? Plz send me

Pinche Bola De Yoyos says:

Wheres the engine?

madhuri sahu says:

What material you used for making exterior body???


Every thing is nice but BMW sign is seen on the wheel

Salim Sopari says:

How much did you sell it for?

Lucky gamer says:

Give some contact details plz

Jogi films says:

How to build body ??

sub to me if i got u says:

how are u gonna get in the car or lift up the hoot bruh

Tak Wat says:

What surprised me most was that these guys were not Chinese

charith h says:

Music is horrible for this video

Good luck Good luck says:

Please I wanna buy one of this car

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