Lamborghini Gallardo Rear Bumper Removal HD

Lamborghini Gallardo Rear Bumper Removal HD

Lamborghini Gallardo Rear Bumper Removal HD

Check out my next video when a Lamborghini loses its ass. I show you the DIY step by step review on how to remove the rear bumper on an early Lamborghini Gallardo which may be needed to perform many tasks such as exhaust work, transmission service, clutch work, amongst many other tasks. So instead of driving your car, turn it off for 12 minutes and come and get educated on how to do this job.

Also giving a shout out to my friend Mike at BEST EXHAUST for his sponsorship of the TUBI exhaust system that he provided.

I also sell the OIL FILTER WRENCH for the DIY guys, and only ask $ 60.00 US including shipping within United States and Canada. For those who have tried it another way on the 2004 to 2008 Gallardo’s then you already know that this tool is a must have, due to the difficult access. Please send me a message or email if you are interested.

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Brandon Beyler says:

What is the point of taking the rear bumper off? Is it aero?


The v10 I love it man Damn lambo and m5 your blessed brother

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