Building The CHEAPEST Lamborghini DIY Turbo Kit Ever Made (In My Garage)

Building The CHEAPEST Lamborghini DIY Turbo Kit Ever Made (In My Garage)

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Jay Dontknowbetter says:

Let me try and NOT be that guy BUT wheres the LAMBO content BRUH:)

developermm says:

I’m missing your vids! Can’t wait for an update on the Lambo or anything you’re working on really.

consciouscool says:

Yeah uh 2 rt angles off the turbos into dual electric cut outs going into 1 dual flowmaster muffler would've been my chop job. Bet it woulve sounded better too. Great welding work though. Yeah and bro, you need a shape up.

The infamous Pj says:

Fastest way to kill a channel go weeks with out posting . You had great content but not worth waiting multiple weeks for more .

el Negro Noche says:

Tavarish's new slogan: Wrench every other week!

Tommy Stechyshyn says:

Where,is,the new,video bud

Zukko Tv says:

Getting sick of coming to ur channel and refresh it for new videos 🙁 u promised u would post at least 3 times a week plus livestream in the weekend. Because of haters u stoped but the true lovers are here… post something dude. I wanna see that lambo! Hugs from Portugal

Greentea Man says:

You have a pinched coolant Reserved holes on the back.

Ed Hunter says:

was wondering why did you use normal steel that can rust in the bracket for the coolaint thing, insted of stainless or better aluminium sins you bolted it to a alu support

Mark Wadley says:


crim somreaf5555 says:

mustache pipe? lol

geoffb64 says:

Dude, if you're gonna drill in the engine bay at least have something under it to catch the swarf! I know its aluminium, but tidy work and no corroded bits of aluminium through the engine bay!

Gustavo Merchan says:

A catalytic converter is required by federal law

Dennis Patrick Hawrot says:

Looks like you took my advice on purging hope all works out should tape joints with metal tape while welding as well and he’s right they can look a little more consistent far from a stack of dimes or a wedding band there’s a ton of undercut on the bung that wasn’t welded by him I’d touch it up

hernanc says:

Tony is THE MAN!

Peter Schmidt says:

If the T in TIG stands for tungsten, shouldn't it actually be WIG welding?

Tobias Berlin says:

the turbo/exhaust pipe will vibrate and the 'holder' sticks will break at their welding points over time …

Adam Carolan says:

Tony should be passenger in the first ride!!!

turbo samourai samouraï says:

hows it goin guys and today i skip past the first 5 minutes of every video

Gaz_rs1800 says:

Mate stop talking so much!

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