How to replace the front brakes on your Kia Soul like a Pro

How to replace the front brakes on your Kia Soul like a Pro

A Master Mechanic shows you step by step how to replace the front brakes on your kia soul like a pro!

I go over the whole process and I give specific advise on common mistakes I see people make when replacing their car’s brakes.

This guide applies to 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Kia Soul Front pads and rotors replacement.

Tools Needed
-17mm 3/8 socket to remove the caliper bracket bolts
-14mm 3/8 socket to remove the caliper pin bolts
-3/8 Ratchet
-21mm socket to remove the wheel

Tools that I recommended in the video:
Impact screw drive

Caliper Piston compression tool.

The torque specifications are as follows

Caliper pin bolts (14mm) : 20 lb-ft
Caliper bracket to knuckle bolts (17mm) : 70 lb-ft
wheel nuts : 80 lb-ft
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Brant Handford says:

Thank you. Helped my son change his for less than $70. Dealership wanted $600.

Jamie Simko says:

Super helpful! Just saved me hundreds.

David Gantt says:

Excellent video. I had to replace the brake rotors and pads on my daughter's 2015 Kia Soul. She is VERY hard on the brakes and the car was shaking when she hit the brakes hard. This video walked me step-by-step through the process. I even ordered the impact driver! It works great. Thanks a ton for saving me time and money!

Alfredo Mendoza says:

Best video tutorial! Great safety reminders (I learned to pump them when I couldn't stop) and excellent message to wrap up the vid.

lllcjdlll says:

Nice video. Curious, why apply grease on the hardware vs under the hardware?

BJ G says:

Just pump the brakes? No need to bleed?

Maxfli82 says:

Love the music

Lisa Speakman says:

Thank you so much for this video. I just changed the rotors and brake pads on my 2014 Soul and your video was invaluable.

FlycatcherCA says:

Do you bed the new pad with new rotor? Do dealer do that too? Thanks

mana9013 says:

Awesome vid!! Love your videos brother.

no one says:

Awesome video only 6 min in thank you & appreciate you

ismail USA says:

How reliable are these kias compared to Toyotas??

Stephane L. says:

I just drilled out the heads of the 2 retention screws since their only purpose from what I understand is to hold the rotor in position at the factory to facilitate the assembly. This was very useful for me since I owned at the time a horrible 2009 Sonata where the rear brakes were CONSTANTLY noisy but even worst seizing (3 calipers in 18 months!!!), even with quality aftermarket parts (and yes replaced the hoses and flushed the brake fluid). I was constantly disassembling and cleaning/lubricating the rear assembly. Any thoughts on what the heck was going on there? the Sonata was 5 years old at the time with less than 60,000miles (I live in Quebec = major salt belt!)

Pretty Tony says:

Great video….I've always been hesitant to do my own brakes, despite hearing how easy it is to do, but your video has given me the confidence to finally attempt this own my own instead of paying a shop to do it for me. Well done!

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