2018 2017 Kia Forte | How to install LED headlight bulb Turn Signals Backup light…

2018 2017 Kia Forte | How to install LED headlight bulb Turn Signals Backup light…

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How to replace the stock halogen bulbs to LED on a 2018 Kia Forte? This video shows you how to replace the whole halogen lights step by step, and how these LED lights perform? Including headlight low beam, high beam, front & rear turn signal lights, brake light, tail light, reverse light, license plate lights and interior lights.

For headlight low beam, the stock halogen bulbs H7 come with a retainer holder, which require a retainer adapter if installing after-market LED headlight bulbs. LASFIT designed custom-made LED bulbs for some models of Hyundai and Kia, one of custom LED headlight bulb fits Kia Forte 2017 2018. All-in-one design, direct plug and play, no need to add other adapters, no cut, no splice, no modification.

For turn signal lights, the front turn signal light bulb is 1157, and the rear turn signal lighti s 1156. Both of them are T series, special made for turn signals, with built-in canbus decoder, no need to other resistors.

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Lasfit Auto Lighting says:

Hi everyone, this custom H7 LED bulb was upgraded, easier installation.The install video for the upgrade version(skip to 2:22):https://youtu.be/fMwN0UmjoU0

Purchase the custom LED bulbs for 2017-2018 Kia Forte:

Laidback says:

Easier said than done.

Ivan 23 Caravantes says:

You missed one… the third break light… I wish you showed the breaking lights in action, pressing them on and off while daytime and nighttime simulation in that garage.

ash leon says:

Wow!!! I’ve been looking at places for that adapter !! Nobody has such thing ! And you guys are 40 minutes away from me !! So if I buy them on Amazon from you guys , they adapters are included and I don’t need anything else right ?

Christianxln says:

Cool video! question will this work on my 2017 forte5?

Razgriz6464 says:

Now how the hell are ya getting the bulbs to not hyperflash unless the bulbs have a built in resistor/driver without having to swap out the flasher relay. Also, do those 36mm bulbs for the interior only come in white or do they come in red/blue as well?

Trizzy Skeet says:

Just because u can’t use ur voice shows me not to buy this product

Tyrekiz Hamilton says:

do the adapters come with the bulbs and do the lights need readjusted after install

Alex Strongheart says:

I got all my bulbs switched out however I'm having issues with the front turn signals not coming on. I'm wondering if I need resistors even if I have these canbus error free bulbs?

JGKnearLAX says:

Great video…but some things may look easier than they actually are. – I had to replace the left low beam bulb (KIA Forte 2018) and although I appreciated the fairly nice design of the bulb compartment cover, once I had pulled out the bulb holder and un-plugged the bulb and replaced with a (criminally expensive) bulb from Pep Boys here in Westchester, Los Angeles, putting the holder and bulb back in place was so impossible – there are no detectable features that could help guide bulbholder to "snap" into place – so one is left fumbling with the item blindly and in a cramped place, until one gives up….so I managed to put it roughly in a workable position that was "acceptable" if not optimal, and then I padded the inside of the cover so that it would function to position bulb and holder…and it has worked, but…it's hardly ideal…
Now I have to replace front left signal bulb…and I expect that to be about as difficult if not worse…

Azhar Raz says:

Hi. I’m residing in Singapore. Driving Kia Cerato Forte K3 SX model. Basically, the signal bulb pin is not 180• but 150•. Do you happen to have it online? On top of that, does it hyperflash? Also just wondering if the SX version headlight for low and high beam H7 same as the car u feature? Because my headlight there DRL while this don’t . Do reply asap. Thanks!!

erhaninhocarsi says:

didnt you have any problem resulted from the rear turn lights that are turning on fast

Dave Hayes says:

will this for for a 2020 kia forte lx?

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