NO WIRE CUTTING?????? How To Install LED Halo Lights With DRL (Jeep JK)

NO WIRE CUTTING?????? How To Install LED Halo Lights With DRL (Jeep JK)

NO WIRE CUTTING?????? We go in-depth Installing this product. From old light removal, to wire placement in detail and how to have a clean proper Install with out cutting wires on your Jeep JK.

SUNPIE Headlights:

All Electrical Connections and Fittings purchased
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Vikash Krishana says:

This might be dumb.. but is this a new set up for tapping the DRL Halo wire to one of the turn signal wires. All the other videos shows running a wire to the ACC port in the fuse box? Or is this only if you Jeep already comes with DRL from the factory?

Eric Jones says:

Hey man I installed these on my jeep and people have been high beaming me all the time. Is it normal for that to happen with these lights?

Tyler Lindal says:

Great video, also OCD on my wiring, but same as some people where the halo only comes on with lights, don't run drl. The reg headlights run at all times. Quite odd. Will run the power to fuse box today and hopefully have success. Should I run it to the ACC module? Or do an add-a-fuse to the spare power supply?

Julie Zobel says:

Awesome, and informative! keeping bringing us videos

Jeevan Darred says:

Will this work with any aftermarket headlights with the DRL and turn signal wire options? I bought the Axial LED Halo Headlights w/ Angel Eye DRL & Turn Signals and want to know if this process will work. Thanks

Academic Aesthetics says:

Update on the lights? I’ve been looking on amazon and there are mixed reviews

James Gambrell says:

Great video! I ordered my lights yesterday and should be hooking them up before the weekend. Doesn't look like it'll take to long thanks to your thorough video. I'm assuming that for the halos to work i'll have to manually turn on the parking lights? I typically just leave my lights on auto and don't ever think about them. I ordered the headlight/fog light combo. Any insight on the installation of the fog lights? or is it plug and play? Thanks.

Jared Cone says:

Best video I have seen yet to wiring these up, you gave me the confidence to go ahead and try it myself on my Jeep.

Jesse Swarbrick says:

Dude! Great vid, my headlights are identical, but there is no pigtail on the harness to allow for me to run the DRL's and turn signal. But it comes with all the wiring to do what you are saying, so Idk if im suppose to tap into the harness? If you can advise that would be great.

Tim Grantham says:

Is getting your headlights aimed at the road properly and issue?

jay reyno says:

excuse me so what exactly are those lights? i want to upgrade mine. is this Xprite 7" Inch Round 80W 9600 Lumens Hi/Lo Beam Cree LED Headlights With Halo Ring Angel Eyes DRL?

Paul McDonald says:

This was a great video and helped a ton! ??? Tho…The passenger side is working great…I am having issues with getting the driver side halo and blinker to work…I rewired the dang thing 3 times and it did come on once then went off so I know it works…any suggestions here?

Daniel Mack says:

Excellent how to video! I watched it several times over the past weekend and then ordered the same lights from Amazon. The new lights were delivered this morning and I'm watching the video one last time before I head out to the garage for installation. If you were closer, I'd buy you a Yuengling! Thanks for the awesome vid!

ma1rmena says:

How the hell do you get 18.8 mpg?

Jill Godfrey says:

Wired headlights up, Halos go on with parking lights but go off when lights turned on ? hi lo work fine blinkers work, but only halos with running lights. Do I need another power wire to halo ? I would think I would have constant power from running light and halo would stay on even with lights on. Any input ?

Evan Bronstein says:

Ordered the same lights and installed them this afternoon. This video was a great primer, and so helpful. Bought all the connectors and the zip ties too. As a complement to these carefully represented instructions, I found that the latest product comes with the wires that you route to the turn signal for the halos. In fact they already had the female connectors and were pre-stripped. All you had to do was just slip off the already cut wire coating. Those light blue wire connectors were a little finicky though. Took a couple of tries to get the metal piece to cut through the rubber coating. Other things to note, my product also came with yellow and white wires. The white ones were the constant power for DRLs. So others may not need the extra wires or male and female connectors shown in this video. Lastly, the fixtures have tabs in the back to help align them when you do the final positioning. For mine, and I imagine for others, the tabs did not set in the factory notches. What I did to accomplish the proper setting was to cut out some of the plastic bracket and file down the opening and the fixtures positioned as I believe they were intended. As noted in the video the light output is excellent, and the halos just “seal the deal”.

Eric Parisien says:

I just want to say THANKS!!! I have followed you instructions to the letter and to my amazing surprised, when I tested before closing up the grill, ALL was working perfectly the first time! I do not know who are the two that put thumbs down, there is no way that is deserved for someone that dumb down the installation for people like me. I was afraid of the job when watched other videos that were drilling into the fuse box and installing plugin connectors etc. Thanks again.

Jason Turnage says:

Excellent video man. It's so refreshing to see someone as OCD with wiring as I am. Spending the extra time is well worth the clean engine compartment. Great video!!!

Nel241000 says:

Unbelievable, I just finished the installation of the Headlights on my 2008 Jeep
Wrangler and they look GREAT. Your Video was unbelievably good, easy to follow instructions
and all your helpful hints with the Zip ties worked out perfectly. Thank you for all your help and
yes I did LIKE and I Did Subscribe to your page. Again thank you very much. Nel2410.

John Reams says:

Thanks for this video. It gave me the confidence to do my lights today. They turned out great!!

POOT120mm says:

Would. 14 gauge wire work instead or 18? Or use two 16 gauge wires?

POOT120mm says:

Im about to get LEDs for my JK, and this is the best video ive seen on wiring them in. Thanks !!!

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